Roger Waters and The Wall
Something I emailed my friends in anticipation of Rog's 2010 Wall tour.

Pink Floyd's "The Wall" was one of the first cds I ever owned.  Even though I had plenty other tapes and even LPs already, it was the one album I listened to over and over, dissecting the recurring themes and lyrical and musical motifs throughout, trying to piece together the narrative spelled out by those twenty-six songs.  To this day, almost every other album falls short for me because it lacks the unifying elements that make a concept album.  Roger Waters was genius.

I learned to play guitar pretty much from just the sheet music book for that album which, not surprisingly, was also the first songbook I bought.  I still associate a lot of basic chords with individual songs from it (e.g., Dm7 = "Another Brick in the Wall Part III," and so on).  I've forgotten a lot of music I've learned over the years, but I can still play more than half of "The Wall" from memory and fake the rest.  My first guitar: A black Fender Strat that differed from the one Dave played on the original Wall tour only by the color of its pickguard.

The only problem was I got there too late.  When I discovered Pink Floyd in the late '80s, Roger Waters had long since irreconcilably split with the rest of the band.  Sure, he put on that giant production of "The Wall" in '90 to mark the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, but it was performed by a series of cover bands.  The Scorpions sang "In the Flesh," Bryan Adams doing "Young Lust."  Interesting at times, but not really a Roger Waters' concert, production values aside.  I managed to see David Gilmour and the rest of the band on tour in '95, but it was mostly the post-Waters newer material with a smattering of "greatest hits."  Lots of lasers, but it wasn't the music I became a fan listening to.

Rog has toured a few times since going solo, but he's never been able to get me very enthusiastic.  His stage show wasn't at the level the rest of Pink Floyd was able to maintain over the years.  These were relatively small tours and, regrettably, just "greatest hits" concerts as well for the most part.  No concept and no new material other than one or two songs for which he has yet to release a studio version.

There's been talk over the years that Rog would bring back "The Wall" in some form.  At one point it was suggested it would be the next "Tommy" on Broadway.  If you've seen the Alan Parker-directed movie, I think you're probably wondering how they imagined they were going to sanitize that into something appropriate for family-friendly matinees.  Those plans were scrapped and fans have been waiting ever since.  I mean, it's been nearly 30 years since the album was toured as a true production.

Well, he is finally doing it.  Big arena tour.  Giant fucking Wall across the stage.  The largest quadraphonic sound system ever assembled, apparently.  Who knows what else, but it's the music I wanted to hear in its entirety done by the guy who wrote it.  And we're going see it.  If you want to come with us, it will be at American Airlines Center on Sun, Nov 21 at 8:00 PM.  Let me know by this weekend so I can get tickets.


p.s. I told Dani about the tour coming when I first heard about it through a friend:

Me: Roger Waters is touring with "The Wall."

Dani: Who's "The Wall"?

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