Roger Waters' lyrical habits
While Roger is undeniably an original and inventive lyricist, it is equally indisputable that Rog sometimes resorts to "laundry lists" when he runs out of ideas, sometimes just for parts of the verse, but more often for huge sections songs.  Granted, this doesn't necessarily make any of these bad compositions.  Sometimes it works as establishing a "hook," but on many tracks this becomes something of a cop-out.  Here are some of the worst offenders.

Pink Floyd albums:
Atom Heart Mother
  • If: "If I were a... [fill in the blank]"
The Dark Side of the Moon
  • Money: "Money... [fill in the blank]"
  • Eclipse: "All that you... [fill in the blank]"
The Wall
  • Mother: "Mother, ... [fill in the blank]"
  • What Shall We Do Now: "Shall we... [fill in the blank]"
  • Nobody Home: "I got... [fill in the blank]"
The Final Cut
  • One of the Few: "Make 'em... [fill in the blank]"

Solo albums:
Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking
  • Every Stranger's Eyes: "In...  [fill in the blank]."
Radio KAOS
  • Radio Waves: "... [fill in the blank] Radio Waves!"
  • The Powers that Be: "They like/love... [fill in the blank]."
  • Home: "It could be a... [fill in the blank]."
Amused to Death
  • What God Wants part 1: "God wants... [fill in the blank with alternating examples of religion and religious strife]."
  • What God Wants part 2: "God wants... [fill in the blank with examples of various world monetary units]."
New material
  • Leaving Beirut: "You got... [fill in the blank with trite examples of Americanna]."
  • To Kill The Child: "[fill in the blank with examples of deities and commerce]."

The above came out of an email discussion with a fellow PF fan.  If there are any glaring omissions, feel free to email me.

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