Classical and Jazz MIDI files

Midi files used to be a ubiquitous format on the web, but that was back before YouTube and streaming mp3 players.  For musicians, these files are getting hard to come by.  I am putting up my collection of midi files for use by anyone who can use them or would enjoy them.  With a few exceptions, I didn't sequence or even edit any of these.

A number "2" or even "3" or higher just indicates additional copies of a file.  Sometimes I liked some aspects or other better or one version had more complete or different instrumentation.

Apologies for not getting the composers names on here.  I recognize many of these but not all, and I didn't want to give an incomplete or inaccurate listing.

Classical - Air on a G String
Classical - Ave Maria
Classical - Ave Maria2
Classical - Ave Maria3
Classical - Ave Maria4
Classical - BACH'S
Classical - BACH'S.RMI
Classical - Bald Mountain
Classical - BEETHO
Classical - BEETHO.RMI
Classical - BEETHO2
Classical - BEETHO3.RMI
Classical - Beethoven 5th Symphony
Classical - Bolero
Classical - Bridal March
Classical - Canon in D
Classical - Chinese
Classical - Chopsticks
Classical - CLARDLUN
Classical - DANCEO
Classical - DANCEO.RMI
Classical - DEBUSS
Classical - DREIDEL
Classical - Flight of the Bumblebee
Classical - GMAMOZAR
Classical - GMANUTCR
Classical - GMARAG
Classical - GMCONCER
Classical - GMINOR
Classical - GREENSL
Classical - HALLUJAH
Classical - LINUSLUC
Classical - MOONLIGH
Classical - MOZART
Classical - MOZART.RMI
Classical - Nessun Dorma
Classical - Nessun Dorma2
Classical - Ofortuna
Classical - Ofortuna2
Classical - Rhapsody in Blue
Classical - VALKRYS

Django Reinhardt - Are You In The Mood
Django Reinhardt - Blue Finger
Django Reinhardt - Cute 1
Django Reinhardt - Cute 2
Django Reinhardt - Daphne
Django Reinhardt - guitar
Django Reinhardt - Honeysuckle Rose
Django Reinhardt - Les Yeux Noirs
Django Reinhardt - Made in France
Django Reinhardt - Minor Swing
Django Reinhardt - Nuages-solo
Django Reinhardt - Nuages
Django Reinhardt - Nuages2
Django Reinhardt - Rythme
Django Reinhardt - Swing Guitar3
Django Reinhardt - The Miner

Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To the Moon
Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To the Moon2
Frank Sinatra - I Get a Kick Out of You
Frank Sinatra - My Way
Frank Sinatra - My Way2
Frank Sinatra - My Way3
Frank Sinatra - My Way4
Frank Sinatra - My Way5
Frank Sinatra - Nancy
Frank Sinatra - New York
Frank Sinatra - New York2
Frank Sinatra - New York3
Frank Sinatra - Night and Day
Frank Sinatra - Send in the Clowns
Frank Sinatra - That's Life

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