Band Fonts
Fonts are great fun for working into your album covers or on your guitars and such.  The following are a few I've collected and used in various projects over the years or just squirelled away in case I ever needed one.  There are more of these out there (thanks to everyone who makes and shares them), but here are the ones I have.

Note that all fonts are displayed at 30 point.  In some cases, the capitals are the same as the lower-case (or vice versa).  I wrote them with a mixture, so if it looks otherwise, then you have a homogeneous set that doesn't care about your Shift key.

- Floydian - Pink Floyd font used on The Wall album/movie.

- Iron Maiden - Logo font.

- MetalLord - Alternate Iron Maiden font.

- Pyrite - Def Leppard font from their logo.

- Sin Gothic - Nine Inch Nails font.

- Still Time - Font used on Prince's Purple Rain.

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