The 5th Annual Fort Worth Django Reinhardt Festival (2008), Part II
Continuing where we left off...


Gyspy jazz guitar workshops began in the afternoon, the first by Ray (pictured showing Rabyn and Tara something) and Linda (not) from Gypsy Moon.

The second workshop was conducted by Slim Richey (again, not pictured).  I was busy video recording and playing guitar rather than shooting with the still camera, but here's a shot of Slim's D-hole Gitane.  It's a lot like mine although it has the gloss finish on it and he added a mini-humbucker with associated volume knob and output jack.  And there are his requisite Mardi Gras beads on the headstock.

Ray (center) and Linda (left) warm up before their opening set that night along with Dango Porter* and Albanie (I forgot her last name, sorry) from Yo! Gadjo.

*That's really his name!

Soon this place will be packed to capacity... with good reason.

All different types of folks come out for gypsy jazz.

Slim (there he is!) visits with some of the audience before the show.

Folks enjoyed more French food.

Every night a different documentary about Django and his musical legacy is shown.

It's good to know the origins of this music.  Admittedly, you just have to hear it played to know why it's still around.

Dani checks out more of the artwork while the documentary plays (We had already seen it; I'm a Django nut, you know).

With the movie over, the crowd moves in for the live show.

Linda poses daintily.

Gracey makes her introductions...

...and then Gypsy Moon come on.

These kids play a blistering set.  Rabyn pointed out that Ray has the most demanding performance of anyone at the festival: He always plays note-for-note renditions of just what Django did.  And he pulls it off!  Just amazing.

BTW, Linda made the faux gypsy camp fire herself.

Then Yo! Gadjo prepares for their set.  That's Albanie again.

Francie MeauxJeaux (left, Slim's wife) and Katie Holmes.

Slim Richey with Katie.

And finally they're joined by Django Porter.*

*Seriously, that's his name!

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