The 5th Annual Fort Worth Django Reinhardt Festival (2008)


It's that time of year again: Django Fest!

Soundcheck for the Texas Gypsies.

Ray and Linda Sriro of Gypsy Moon (who also played at Dani's and my wedding) pose with the cover to their Ebb & Flow album.

Django observes Mark's technique.

Dani snacks on a cookie because she couldn't wait for the real French food.

Almost no one was in the film hall yet...

...because the food was about to come out.  Gracey and other volunteers prepare and serve all sorts of French food before the film(s) and music begin.

The Walking Contradictions (Rabyn and Tara) played as the opening act.

This is actually unintentional comedy because married couple acts always are.  Just wait for Gypsy Moon's set.

The audience.

Gracey watches her handywork from the sidelines.  She runs A5A, writes the grants that support it and events like this.  Oh, and she can dance too.

The Texas Gypsies prepare to go on next.

With John in costume, you might think something sinister was afoot.

Dani doen't actually wear jewelry, but she can't help but browse it.  There's always artwork on display (and on sale) at Arts Fifth Avenue.

Gracey introduces the band as the Gypsies take the stage.

Steve Curry: guitar, vocals

Mark Menikos: violin

John Hewitt: bass, vocals

Erik Swanson: guitar, lead vocals

A rocking set included everything from Django's repertoir, stepped-up jazz standards, and even some "gypsified" modern numbers such as their infamous take on Gloria Gaynor's version of "I Will Survive."

All these guys are amazing musicians, but if I hadn't been busy filming and shooting the event, my eyes would have been glued to this man's left hand.

Not an optical illusion.  They really do play this fast.

I think he goes with a D-hole just so he can hold it like this at the end of their set.

Great show, guys!

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