The Ten Stoopist Sequel Titles Ever...

Since it's the summer of sequels (same as pretty much every summer), here are my nominations for The Ten Stoopist Sequel Titles Ever.

Superman II -  This is the sort of title you give a sequel before you have a script written, or maybe even before you have the plot of the script in mind.  It's like saying the sequel to Superman: The Movie is Superman: More of the Same.  The Roman numerals were classy though.

2 Fast 2 Furious -  I can't even make fun of this it's so bad.  It did the work for me.

Ocean's Thirteen -  So they're just going to keep adding cast members?  Go on, name half of them from any movie in this series.  You can't.  No one's going to notice who the new one is from one movie to the next anyway.

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan -  Here maybe the problem is two-fold.  It's partly that this makes me laugh when it is supposed to be a scary movie.  The other issue is simply that I resent the fact that this franchise made it past the first one with such plotless crap.  Dani resents the fact that they're (Miss) piggy-backing off the popularity of the Muppets.

Tomorrow Never Dies -  What the fuck does that mean?

The Matrix Revolutions -  The only thing revolting here was the script.  The title didn't make any sense since it was a war, not an uprising, and (at any rate) it didn't even happen in the Matrix.

Batman Forever -  WTF?  I think I might have come up with this title if I was a Batman fan in the 3rd grade.  I also would have written it on the outside of my Trapper Keeper with a set of Marksalots in at least three colors.

28 Weeks Later... -  Ugh.

Any Which Way You Can -  I'm all for fun variations on original titles (e.g., Bill & Ted have a "Bogus Journey" this time), but I never even understood what the title to Every Which Way But Loose meant.

The Empire Strikes Back -  Hands down, it's the greatest movie of all time (and I will cut off your arm if you doubt me), but this title is every which way wrong.  Whereas Star Wars was generic and just drew you in, this was a sentence that sounds like it was uttered by a 15 year-old.  Yes, I realize that was the demographic Lucas was appealing to, but come on!

Did I miss any worse than these?  I'll accept additional nominations.

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