September's DVD Reviews 

Dr. Who: Season 3 - The best season ever.  And I say this having grown up watching the Tom Baker years of the series.  It's just epic this go-round.

The Day the Earth Stood Still, 1951 - Comes across as simplistic today, but there are elements modern enough to latch onto.  A classic.

Narnia: Prince Caspian, 2009 - Though the source material predates Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, cinematically those two got there first, and Narnia suffers by comparison.  Whereas the literary versions of the characters read as archetypes, on film they're two-dimensional, and the visuals are nowhere near sufficiently epic enough to compensate.

L Word: Season 6 - A short but really, really good season, one that was satisfying all except for a major unresolved thread at the close of the series.  Still, it's worth watching up to this point to see the show mature from a sensational Showtime series about lesbians into a show about people.

Dexter: Season 3 - This show kills.  Three equally satifying seasons in a row so far that each end with perfect punctuation.

Torchwood: Children of Earth - Less a season than a mini-series, this closes out Torchwood.  Interesting stuff and it goes places the other two seasons didn't, but it was a bit clunky.  You watch it for Captain Jack.  If not, there's better stuff out there.  Take Dr. Who for instance.

Farscape: Season 2 - Another series that finally found its footing.  Sure, there's a fair amout of over-acting, but the show manages to find a balance between the episodic format and the over-arching storylines.  It's fluff, but very colorful fluff.

PICKS OF THE LITTER: I was dubious in the beginng, but after a couple uneven seasons, Dr. Who has hit his stride (again; thanks for the memories, Tom Baker).  And Dexter?  This is just perfect.  And that's just his sister I'm talking about.

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