March's DVD Reviews 
Honestly, it was too busy a month to watch much, so I'm not spitting this in two parts.  Also, the title here is becoming something of a misnomer since I don't watch dvds or tv so much as I Bit Torrent things lately anyway, so for the most part I'm just going to review whole seasons from now on as I complete them.

Battlestar Galactica: Season 4, Part II - Awesome right up until the end, and then the last hour of it leaves you with a head-scratcher of a conclusion that will have fans of the show talking about it as much as they did through the entire series' run.  I mean, as disappointed as I was that many of the themes they spent years building were abandoned in the last hour, whoa, there was still a fuckload to get your head around.

Kathy Griffin - My Life on the D-List: Season 1 - I've always been in love with her, but I'm only just now getting around to starting this series... which is awesome.  Seriously.  Kathy is alternately vulnerable and self-deprecating, and insanely manic and stealing the show back from whatever her D-list life throws at her.  I hate reality tv, and I especially reality tv about celebs.  But she is awesome, and this is worth watching.

Becoming Jane, 2008 - A point-by-point clone of Miss Potter about people from the apparently most up-tight period in English history.  Even Anne Hathaway couldn't salvage this for me.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, 2008 - Not as bad as I've read.  Granted, it's not epic the way we were all disappointed in the prequels for similarly failing to be, but there's no room for it to be since this takes place between Episodes II and III.  And in spite of ostensibly being a kids' show, it's actually heavier on action even than all but the underrated Revenge of the Sith.

L Word: Season 4 - Better than last season, although there are some flaws in the plotting and some characters are questionably neglected in favor of a some of the others.  If you're a fan, you'll stick with it.  If you aren't, this isn't really the one to hook you.  Incidentally, Cybill Sheppard's daughter is hot.  Who knew?

Dexter: Season 2 - Technically this show is a serial killer because this is the second season to totally slay.  I really didn't think they'd keep up the quality, but it definitely hooks you.

PICKS OF THE LITTER: Yeah, Dexter and consider that seconded by Dani.  And did I mention that Kathy Griffin is awesome?  She carries this show better than a whole house of nobodies on Big Brother or an island full of Survivors.  Very entertaining.  And Battlestar Galactica?  Jesus Fracking Christ, if you haven't switched off Two and a Half Men and started watching this series yet, there's no hope for you.

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