July's DVD Reviews, Part I
Quick reviews from my Netflix queue and/or the library.

Grey's Anatomy: Season 2, Disc 4
It's like a dramatic Rubik's cube.  Just shuffle the pieces around until you get some lined up... only you've mixed up the other parts in the process.  Repeat until cancellation.

Trancers II, 1991
Cheese.  But I liked it.

Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale
Okay, the show never achieved the heights of Gervais' original version of The Office, but as finales go, this one comes close to the finale of The Office, and that's a pretty high mark.

Battlestar Galactica: Season 3: Disc 5, 2006
...should just be called Battlestar Fracking Awesome.  If you aren't watching this show, you must be a Cylon.  Get him!

Cinderella 2000, 1977
A charming little disaster of an independent musical sci-fi sex comedy adaptation of a fairy tale.  It really isn't very funny in any of the ways it's intended.  And it isn't especially sexy by today's standards.  But if the MST3K commentary running in your head doesn't keep you laughing, you need new robots.

The Food of the Gods, 1976
With the exception of a few of the actors who genuinely try to sell this ridiculous premise, it's really, really bad.  And for precisely those reasons it's really, really funny.

South Park: Season 2: Disc 1, 1998
I'm sorry, but I just can't get into this show.  It's so 1998.

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Vol. 1: Disc 2, 1992
Again, sorry.  It isn't that bad, but it isn't that good if you're over, say, twelve years old.  It's perfect for anyone younger than that though.

49 Up, 2005
Seventh and latest installment of Michael Apted's on-going "Up" series of revisiting (no longer) children he first interviewed at age 7 and every 7 years since.  If their reflections on their lives don't make you question yours, you've flatlined.

Monk: Season 6: Disc 1, 2007
People with OCD like things "just so," and they prefer it not change.  Hence this show is perfect for them.  If you liked the first episode, you'll be with the series until your anxiety attack when it has concluded.

Gilmore Girls: Season 7: Disc 5, 2006
Winding down to the end of the last season.  It's like Apted's series in slow motion only they talk faster.

PICKS OF THE LITTER:Battlestar Galactica, of course.  Also, I didn't expect it, but the Extras Series Finale was really something special. And seriously, 49 Up will have you asking better questions of yourself than whatever therapist you've been going to.

July's DVD Reviews, Part II
Yeah, didn't watch much this go round on account of traveling and other projects.

The Dark Knight, 2008
Pretty good, but I thought Heath Ledger was supposed to be in it.  I didn't see a trace of him.

Eastern Promises, 2007
Honestly, it isn't bad, but it's a waste of David Cronnenberg's talent to be directing conventional stories like this (no matter how good the cast is, how much backing the producers are giving them, etc.).

Battlestar Galactica: Razor, 2007
Kind of like totally, completely awesome.  It's a movie that lies outside the basic run of the show, but it definitely relies on the series' continuity (Hint: watch it between seasons 3 and 4).  An original story framed by lots of good backstory that accentuates several aspects of the series, all done in a very original way.  Seriously, the show kicks ass, and this is a sucker punch.  In other words, prepare to be floored (especially fans of the original series; a few surprises in there just for you).

The Savages, 2007
I'll watch anything with Laura Linney in it, even little character-driven independent movies like this.  It isn't a great film, but it has its moments.

Torchwood: 1st season, 2005
Dr. Who spin-off.  Not bad, but it takes about half a season to find its footing (e.g., what the characters are good for, how to milk the premise once the novelty dims, etc.), but it's campy enough to be fun.  There's much variety in the types of stories besides, so it keeps itself fresh.  BTW, beware of the spoilers scattered among the extras.  WTF, producers?  Put those on a later disc, duh!  Not everyone's a time-traveler.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 2: Disc 4, 1997
You're got tobe a freakin' immortal to have the patience to put up with the glacial pace of the character developments.

Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen, 1981
Nearly-forgotten attempted reboot of the Charlie Chan series as a slapstick comedy.  As with so many movies of this kind, it's funny primarily for reasons other than intended such as the casting of Peter Ustinov as the titular lead... with Richard Hatch (aka Apollo from the original BSG) as his half-Chinese grandson.

PICKS OF THE LITTER:  Hailed by users of the IMDb as the greatest movie of all time, The Dark Knight is probably the greatest movie of all time.  There I said it.  On the other hand, if you aren't going to venture out to the theater to see it, you can guess what I'm going to recommend you sit home and wait for Netflix to send you, right?  Yep, Battlestar Galactica: Razor.  Honestly, if you're going to complain because a series is this consistently good, just stick with the crap reality tv you'd probably prefer instead.

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