August's DVD Reviews, Part I
Quick reviews from my Netflix queue and/or the library.

This Island Earth, 1955
More '50s sci-fi.  There's a lot here to keep you interested, but the filmmakers don't do anything with it, so it builds up to nothing, sort of the like Cold War that informed much of the feel of the movie.

Flags of Our Fathers, 2006
Not what I expected and therefore surprisingly effective.  That's a good war strategy, by the way.  Clint knows what he's doing.

Rocky Balboa, 2006
Two thoughts: This is unbelievably corny and yet in spite of this, I can't get over how much like I liked most of it.  Really.

Venus, 2006
Only Peter O'Toole could be charming playing what would otherwise be the part of a creepy old man.  Very cute, and I'm not just talking about the girl.

Babel, 2006
It's hard to hate a movie that has a point to make, but I think it's fair for me to be ambivalent about it on the basis of it not finding interesting ways to fill its time.  If you're having trouble in that department, this would not be a good candidate for that position.

Rock School, 2005
Documentary about the real-life Jack Black from School of Rock.  You'll find you can't decide whether you kind of like the guy or completely hate him.... kind of like the real Jack Black.

Prince of the City, 1981
This would have been almost better than Goodfellas if Treat Williams was as good as Ray Liotta.  It's still worth a watch, but it's uncomfortable how this falls short of being an awesome movie on account of one performance.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 1: Disc 1, 1997
The early episodes of some tv shows make you squirm in that they aren't really sure yet what they're going to do with this cast they've assembled.  This is one of those.  Fortunately, the show didn't take itself anywhere as near as seriously at this point as the fans ultimately would, so I'm giving it a chance.

Romeo is Bleeding, 1994
Gary Oldman excels at playing fucked-up, tortured souls, but his performance is second only to Lena Olin who excels at playing the most fucked-up dangerous women you want fuck/avoid.

Robot Chicken: Season 1: Disc 2, 2005
More of the same.  And with it coming at you so fast, you get burned out on it fairly quickly, which is probably why the episodes are only fifteen minutes.  I just don't typically take it out of the dvd-rom after doses that short.

Fallen, 1998
Not a bad thriller, although there are a lot of mediocre contenders in this particular category, so you'll probably just it based on how burned out you are on how many of those you've seen.

Music and Lyrics, 2006
Speaking of mediocrity.  This is like one of those live-action Disney movies for grown-ups.  It's cute, but I can't think of any reason to recommend it even with Drew Barrymore in it.

Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t!: Season 1: Disc 2, 2003
As the hosts point out in the very first episode, the nice thing about cable is that they get to call all these piece of shit con artist fucks exactly what we would.

The Good Shepard, 2006
Good one, but not an easy journey (nor a short one, btw).  Although presented as fiction, there is a significant factual basis if you history buffs are interested.

PICKS OF THE LITTER: Quite a few, but if I had to narrow it down to anything, it would honestly be Rocky Balboa.  I can't believe I'm saying that either.

August's DVD Reviews, Part II
Quick reviews from my Netflix queue and/or the library.

24: Season 1: Discs 3&4, 2006
I guess they just assume the show has so much going on that I won't notice the glaring inconsistencies and leaps of (il)logic.  That's true, but mainly because I'm too busy playing the "Jack Bauer says 'dammit' a lot" drinking game in my head.

Original Sin, 2000
I guess they figured I'd be too distracted by Angelina Jolie naked to notice that there's nothing original or interesting here.  It isn't as bad as most say, but there's no reason to care if you already saw pretty much everything else she's naked in (guilty!).

Sopranos: Season 6, Part I, Disc 4, 2006
Still have no idea why I feel compelled to watch this show since no one else I know does.  It isn't like someone's pointing a gun at me.

Alias: Season 4, Discs 3&4
I wouldn't like this show as much if Jen Garner wasn't this hot, but I'd still watch it just because I've got a guy crush on Marshall.

Letters to Iwo Jima, 2006
Kind of like Titanic, you go into this knowing it isn't going to have a happy ending, but completely unlike Titanic, it's actually really, really good.  The fact that I like this in spite of how much I dislike depressing historical movies is saying a lot.

Say Uncle, 2006
It takes on a difficult subject, but with a simplistic approach and too little material to flesh out the picture.  Unfortunate.

Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t!: Season 1: Disc 3, 2003
This ought to manditory viewing in schools.  There'd be a lot bleeped out though, not even counting the four-letter words.

Wages of Fear, 1953
Best movie you've never heard of.  I went in skeptical, and walked away impressed at how emotionally involved I was.

Monk: Season 5: Disc 1, 2005
More of the same.  Here's that's a good thing.

Saving Face, 2005
Check out Ang Lee's Wedding Banquet instead for the same movie made better only about gay men instead of lesbians.  Then again, there aren't enough movies featuring leabian love scenes.  Priorities?

Rush: R30, 2005
Canadians!  Yeah, I know.  Uh, but the instrumentals go on way too long (mainly because the ones they picked for this set weren't my favs), but they still rock.

PICKS OF THE LITTER: Tie: Wages of Fear and Letters to Iwo Jima, but stock up on the Prozac.

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