August's DVD Reviews

Contact, 1997
Yes, I have actually watched this movie more times than the new Star Wars trilogy, but Contact is possibly the most under-rated film in history.  This time I just watched it for the commentaries.  I had already seen all the extras, but when something's in your Top 3 favorite movies of all time, then you play the film nerd for a bit.

Gilmore Girls: Season 4: Disc 4, 2003
God damnit, Loreli.  Kiss him already!

Robotech: Vol. 13: New Generation: Genesis, 1985
I saw most of this series when I was in, I don't know, sixth grade or so.  I re-watched the whole series from the beginning and went straight on through.  It's actually a cool series, but then again, viewing things through the lens of nostalgia is a peculiar variety of rose-coloreed glasses.

Constantine, 2005
This wasn't as bad as I had anticipated.  I'm beginning to like Keanu.  Obviously the Devil is at work here, but it would be a conflict of interest to call in Jon Constantine as an exorcist.  (Incidentally, the performance by Peter Stormare as Satan is possibly the funniest performance every captured on film.)

Monk: Season 4: Disc 1, 2005
I don't like to watch myself on video, but for this show I make an exception.  I mean, I'm being portrayed by someone else, so it's okay.

Clonus, 1979
You ever see "The Island" with Ewan and Scarlett?  Well, this is the low-budget movie they ripped off to make that load of crap.

Clive Barker's Salome / The Forbidden, 1973
A couple short films the horror novelist and sometime director made years and years ago.  I loved the first couple Hellraiser movies and most of Barker's early novels (not sure where his talent went lately...), so I gave this a shot.  Only watch this on acid or use to treat insomnia.

Six Feet Under: Season 4: Disc 4, 2004
The good thing about this show is that it treats life as the depressing lead-up to our funerals that it is.  Then you eject the disc and your life doesn't seem quite as bad as those characters have it most of the time.

Robotech: Vol. 14: New Generation: Hollow Victory, 1985
Oh, so that's how it ends.  I can die in peace now.

The Chorus, 2004
Cute French movie about a music teacher.  It's like Stand and Deliver with subtitles.

Brick, 2005
Wow, this was great.  Film noir juxtaposed into a high school setting.  This shouldn't have worked, but it does.  Go watch it.

Gilmore Girls: Season 4: Disc 6, 2003
The only bad thing about the end-of-the-season discs are the cliffhangers.  Because I have to put of with Dani going, "when's the next one coming?" for the next few months until I cycle through other things I want to see and start adding more of these to the queue.

Brick.  Defintely worth checking out.  (Also, if you haven't seen Contact, then your life is somewhat impoverished.)

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