July's DVD Reviews
I keep finding interesting movies to recommend or, conversely, to warn people away from, so I dug out my Netflix history, and here's the rundown.

Six Feet Under: Season 4: Disc 3, 2004
Great show.  It's amazing how they're able to find and create drama without bringing aliens or terrorists into every plot.  I guess it helps that they kill someone at the beginning of every episode.

Gilmore Girls: Season 4: Disc 1, 2003
Hey, fuck you.  The mom is hot.

Heartbeeps, 1981
Another nostalgia trip.  Cheese.  Skip it unless you like robots and Bernadette Peters as much as I do.

Cannibal! The Musical, 1996
Made by South Park's Parker and Stone.  Unfortunately, it really isn't terribly funny.  Amateurs at the time, I'll forgive them.

The Brothers Grimm, 2005
I usually like Terry Gilliam's movies, but this just didn't work for more reasons than are required for me to move on without discussing them.

Camille Claudel, 1989
Well-made bio-pic about the sculptress who was Rodin's lover and probably better.  It's also a good excuse for the French to show a lot of nude lovelies posing for the artists and the camera.

Gilmore Girls: Season 4: Disc 2, 2003
The fact that everyone on the show talks twice as fast as on any other show means I don't use my FF button as often either.

Nip/Tuck: Season 2: Disc 5, 2004
We all have guilty pleasures, don't we?

The Brian Setzer Orchestra: Live In Japan, 2001
This guy fucking rocks!  He also puts on a really good show without relying on lasers and pyrotechnics.  See it to blow away your low standards of musicianship and performance.  (Also check out the dvd of the recent Stray Cats reunion tour.)

Give My Regards to Broad Street, 1984
I like the look of movies made during this time.  Of course, it helps if they have some semblance of a plot.  This one fell way short as did the music.

Gilmore Girls: Season 4: Disc 3, 2003
Of course, if I don't get a disc of these in every few days, Dani starts craving it like a PMSing woman for chocolate.

Cabin Boy, 1994
I had never seen this one, but I like Chris Elliot.  Also, I think it's David Letterman's only bigscreen appearance.  Unfortunately, the movie is silly and never clever.  Obviously I was supposed to watch this stoned.

Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic, 2005
I so want to fuck this woman!  Yes, I have a thing for any woman that could make me laugh, but she just pushes me over the edge.  This is a really funny movie/comedy concert.

The Boondock Saints, 1999
This frequently shows up on everyone's "best of" lists, but I had never gotten around to it.  Finally did.  WORTH IT.  End of story.  Check it out.

Nip/Tuck: Season 2: Disc 6, 2004
I will admit to a crush on the doctor's wife.

Alias: Season 1: Disc 6, 2001
This show is simultaneously predictable and not.  The formula is to introduce plot twists, so I'm interested.  Oh, and I have a crush on Jennifer Garner, too.  Are you sensing a pattern here?

Conquest of Space, 1954
I can't think for the life of me why I added this to my queue.  Junk vintage sci-fi in which the characters as so much dumber than the audience.  I can imagine conversations with the director on the set: "What's my motivation again?"  Director: "You ate a lot of paint as a child."

Tie between Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic and Boondock Saints.

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