Quit Buying DVDs!
Don't buy it.  Don't.  Just stop it right now.

Here's the way I look at it: You're paying money to have something sitting around the house that you're seldom ever going to use.  In fact, you could rent the same movie over and over for the price of buying it.  You can't watch it enough to amortize the cost of owning it.

The only movies I've seen more than once at the show in the last fifteen or so years:
Fight Club (5x) (because I kept taking friends to see it)
The Star Wars prequels movies (3x each)
Contact (3x)
Dark Knight (2x)
Matrix Reloaded (2x)
Forrest Gump (2x)

There might be one or two other movies in there I'm forgetting, but that's it, unless you count Rocky Horror, which you go see on the big screen for completely different reasons.  I'm also making an exception for the original Star Wars films and others I saw in my childhood pre-vhs.  In other words, a film has to have a serious degree of spectacle and probably some depth that cannot be fully accessed with just one viewing.  Even then, I've only seen movies like Avatar or Inception once each.

I know there are some movies worth watching over again, but it's when you want to enter that world.  For example, the environment surpassed the plot in the case the first two Star Wars prequels and The Fifth Element, for sure.  There are movies from the late '70s and early '80s that I'll watch largely because of the "look" of them more than their content, but it's so seldom that I'll revisit a film in less than a decade, that I can't justify buying them.

If you're the type who is buying movies to watch them over and over, that's two sins in one.  Buying them is bad enough when you could simply rent or borrow (see suggestions below).  What makes it worse is that every time you re-watch a movie, that's a missed opportunity to watch something potentially fresh and original.  I can give you a lengthy list of suggestions if you need some.

Alternatives to buying

If you're going to watch movies over again, go find the copy again before you buy it.

Borrow from friends - Set up your own trading system.  I borrow stacks of dvds from my ex-girlfriend.  A few other friends buy dvds as well (despite my protests!), and so I borrow from them.  I only own a few dvds, but I offer them in exchange whenever I borrow anything.

The public library - I don't think my library even has a limit on the number of dvds you can rent.  Originally it was five before they lifted that.  You can reserve dvds too if you like.

Netflix - They have a lot of really obscure movies, tv shows, documentaries, concerts, even guitar instruction videos.  The main reason I joined them was to track down rare movies that were either in the realm of cult or were simply old and had passed from the public's consciousness.  For the price of a new dvd, you can three dvds at a time in the mail and they keep coming as fast as you can watch them and send them back!

If you insist on buying...

If you absolutely have to buy a movie, does it have to be as soon as it comes out?  Wait until it's marked down or used!

Walmart - Most stores have a $5 discount bin.  Alternatively, there are multi-movie packs that are cheaper than the new movie.  Wait six months or a year, and you'll be paying less than half the cost of the movie new.  Movie studio executives get rich off your impatience.

Ebay - Maybe get a bunch of your favorite movies as part of a lot.

Amazon - New and used are all listed in one place.

Pawn shops - They are practically giving discs away.

Movie Trading Co. - A chain of dvd re-sellers that usually have good stuff in stock.

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