An Excerpt from Ocean's Twelve
My favorite scene in the history of cinema...

Russian: ...So finally, she slams her vodka tonic down on the tray and says: "Hey, maybe that's why I've been feeling so warm recently."

[All laugh... for entirely too long.]

Russian: So, to business?

All: To business

Pitt: A doctor who specializes in skin diseases will dream he has fallen asleep in front of the television.  Later, he will wake up in front of the television...  but not remember his dream.

Russian [to Damon]: Would you agree?

Damon:  [thinks really hard... never commits to an answer]

Clooney:  If all the animals along the equator were capable of flattery, then Thanksgiving and Halloween would fall on the same date.

Russian: Yah.  Hey.  Uh huh, uh huh.

[Dramatic pause for gravitas.]

Russian: When I was 4 years old, I watched my mother kill a spider with a tea cozy.  Years later, I realized it was not a spider.  It was my Uncle Harold.

[They look to Matt Damon's character expectantly.]

Damon: Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face.  Stars to fill my dreams.  I am a traveler in both time and space... to be where I have been.

[New scene: Outside.]

Damon: Is he all right.  Are we all right?

Pitt [to Damon]: "Kashmir"?

Clooney [also to Damon]:  Is that your idea of making a contribution?

Pitt: We hadn't even started yet.

Clooney:  We were this close to losing that.

Damon: Okay, I don't even understand what happened in there.  What did I say?

Clooney: You called his neice a whore.

Pitt: A very cheap one.

Clooney: She's 7.

Pitt: Confined to bed with a case of--

Clooney: No, don't tell him about it.

Pitt: I'm sorry.

Damon: God!

Damon: So what does this mean?

Pitt: It means you stay here.

[They return to the cafe while he stands on the street.]

Copyright 2005 Alexplorer... except the script (duh!).
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