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When our first child, Stan, was on his way, his mother and I naturally composed lists of potential baby names.  I also went out in search of the most geeky names inspired by sci-fi books, movies, and even science text books (yes, I used the index).  The following are some of the ones under consideration (to varying extents... including "not at all").  Hopefully this will help you in your thinking about what to name your little one.


Here are some of the best and interesting names I've actually come across in the real world (albeit indirectly in some cases), beginning with my own kid.

Stanley Alan - My own kid is named in equal parts for comics legend Stan Lee and the late special effects wizard Stan Winston, who passed away on June 15, 2008, a little over a year before my son was born.  My preference would have been to name him Stan Winston, but Dani nixed that on the grounds that "Winston is a dog's name." 

True story, she actually said that to my ex-girlfriend Katherine shortly after we compromised with "Alan."  Katherine pointed out that her dad is named Winston and that's one of her twins' middle name as well (They each have the middle name of a grandfather), to which Dani was a bit embarrassed.  Katherine had a laugh about it.

As far as "Alan," there's no one source of inspiration behind the name, although I can think of several noteworthy Alans I admire such as comics author Alan Moore and computer genius Alan Turing, among others.  The only down-side is constantly correcting the spelling of pediatric receptionists who think it should be Allen, even with it written correctly right in front of them.

Luke and Logan - My aforementioned ex-girlfriend Katherine had twin boys (and another son before them).  She and her husband managed to combine alliteration and references to both Star Wars and The X-Men.  That's like some kind of nerd trifecta, and they aren't even nerds!  (He's a jock and she's the Canadian Elvira.)

Alora - My friend Kristi named her daughter after the baby girl central to the story in the movie Willow.

Xavier - Kristi also named her son Xavier after Professor X, the founder and sometime leader of the X-Men.

Xander - Ever the Buffy fan, my friend Leiann named her son after the character from the show, although at his dad's insistence, he's technically "Alexander."

Anica Skyler - Probably the best name I ever heard.  I learned of this one third-hand from a mom I was talking to at the park who knew of it through a friend.  That guy gets a high-five for talking his wife into going that path.  The Force is strong with him.

Jedi Knight - One of my friends (I won't say her name in the unlikely case she might get in trouble for this) worked in records at a hospital.  Her duties included registering birth names of babies born there, and a family with the surname Knight actually named their son this.  You know the name was conceived long before the child.

Raz Atlas - Some friends of mine, both gamers, named their son this.  I believe both names are from different games they played, but I forget (even though she's told me twice already).  I think it sounds cool regardless.

Our baby names

What follows are ideas for names we jotted down from a number of sources, primarily from geek movies and literature.


Inspired by fiction
Alaya - One of the Jedi from the Star Wars prequels, the hot blue chick with head tentacles.
Alia - From the Dune series.  If we have a daughter and name her that, I hope she'll forgive me after she reads the book(s).
Alice - From Alice in Wonderland, obviously.
Aura - Another minor Star Wars character, a bounty hunter who shows up briefly in The Phantom Menace and sort of became the Boba Fett of the prequels.
Chani - Paul's concubine in Dune.  Dani's comment: It sounds stupid.  Like Chachi.  Or a combination of Connie and Chung.
Chiana - Farscape.  Sorry, I thought it was cute.  Dani's response to this was: I don't like anything with "Chuh."  It's like Chia Pet.
Kara - Aka Starbuck from the Battlestar Galactica reboot.
Kayla - A character on Days of Our Lives in the early '80s.  Her appearance on the show actually catapulted this name from obscurity into the top 20 for several years.
Kira - From The Dark Crystal.
Labyrinth - As you can tell from Kira above, we looked to a number of sci-fi/fantasy films, and the name alone was good here.  Dani's objection was that it was too hard to spell.
Lana - As in Lana Lang from Superman.  However, Dani said No.  For the very reason that you have to say Lana and Lana (nasal "A" vs. soft "a").  There is no pronounciation key that goes with it.
Leia - From Star Wars.  Duh.
Lyra - From The Golden Compass.  Unfortunately Dani said this "was like a Dr. Seuss character.  If they were twins we could name them Lyra and Lorax.  Save that for the next time around."
Marla - After Marla Singer from Fight Club.
Newt - The little girl from Aliens.
Rama - I had a huge crush in high school on a girl named Ramona, but I thought her name was gross.  Most people shortened it to Mona, but I think that sounds terrible.  I thought Rama was more palatable.  This was maybe a couple years after I had read Arthur C. Clark's Rendezvous With Rama.  However, Dani's comment was, "Like llama or drama or Ramen noodles."
Rayna - From the Dune series.
River - The character that served as the McGuffin on Firefly/Serenity, though Dani's first thought was of River Phoenix.  She asked me, How about River and Kayak.  And Boulder.  I said, "How would Boulder fit in there?"  Her response: It's what's in the river that makes the rapids.
Serena - From the Dune series.
Sidney - Dani suggested this, possibly because she was a fan of Alias, although I didn't especially like the name.
Siona - From the Dune series.
Willow - Dani came up with this, maybe because of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but maybe because a friend of ours named her daughter Elora (as mentioned above) after the baby girl in the movie Willow.  Another good one someone beat us to.  However, she had second thoughts saying it sounded "too weak."
Zam - Another minor Star Wars character.  Yet another bounty hunter, of course.  Dani's reaction was simply, "That's just stupid."

Astronomy and other science
Amygdala - Sounds like an extension of "Amy," but it's a brain region involved in fear.  Yeah, probably a bad idea.
Aurora - This is one of several astronomy terms under consideration.  I went so far as to peruse the index of my college astronomy text for additional candidates.
Beryl - It's the name of a mineral, but it's also a traditional Jewish name.  I knew a girl in college named that.  She was a geology major.  True story.
Celeste - As in "Celestial," another astronomy name.
Flux Magnetic - Or a good name for a band.
Jade - Another mineral name, though common already (so's Ruby, incidentally).
Luna - I thought "Luna Ray" would be a great pairing for a meaningful middle name.  If we were hippies we'd just name her Moonbeam.
Nebula - Sounds feminine already.
Nova - Originally I was thinking of a comic book character (any FF fans here?) although this is what started me on the whole astronomy theme.
Ovum - I tried shooting for biology-inspired names, but there aren't many good ones.  A few made it to the boys' list (below).
Solar Nebula - Luna Nova's sister maybe?
Star - It's been done as a first name before, but I think it could be paired with a good middle name.
Stella - Short for "stellar" (as in pertaining to a star).  Another astronomy one.  I was really set on Stella Nova for a while.
Terra - Earthy!

Boys names

Inspired by fiction
Anakin - From Star Wars, of course.
Caladan - A planet in the Dune series.
Clive - After horror/urban fantasy author Clive Barker.
Duncan - As in Duncan Idaho from Dune.
Ian Malcolm - From Jurassic Park.  Also, I like author Malcolm Gladwell and have been reading him for years.
Luke - From Star Wars.  Duh.  Katherine and AleC already beat us to it anyway.
Newton - After Isaac Newton, only I don't like the name Isaac (Sorry, Isaacs).
Paul -  Again inspired by Dune.
Reece - From The Terminator.
Tarkin - From Star Wars.
Tyler - From Fight Club.

Axon - Part of a neuron (nerve cell).
Atom - Actually there's already a famous film director named this, but I wanted to get a chemistry term in here.
Blaise - After Blaise Pascal, the mathematician.
Chitin - It's a molecule similar to cellulose.  It makes up cell walls in fungi and the shells of arthropods (i.e., crustaceans, insects, arachnids).
Echo - I was looking for names ending in "o" to counter a sister's name ending with "a."  It's also short and everyone already knows how to spell it.  However, Dani pointed out that everyone would think we named him after Echo on Lost, since that was popular at the time we had Stan.
Pascal - See Blaise.  Dani said the name sounds like it might belong to a little frog on a Discovery Channel cartoon learning math.
Prime - Indivisible!  I also thought about Megatron, but.... nah.
Rad Awesome - Unit of measurement for radiation, but also short for radical (as in chemistry), and then with that middle name?  Win!
Vector - No, not Victor.  Look this one up in your physics textbook.
Xenon - The only name I liked from the periodic table.

Who knows?

Just some random ones I compiled that could be either gender.  They're too weird to be obviously either male or female.

Case - I suggested this and then found that people were already using it.

Circuit - I like electronics.
Even - Sounded like a name.
Ever - This too.
Future - Dani said that's just stupid, that I was trying too hard to be from the future.  She then sarcastically suggested Future Circuit.
Grey - Another color.  This one actually sounds masculine unlike most others.  Black and White are both popular last names.  Then there's Blue Ivy.  Why not this?
Leash - Dani hated this.
Maximus Rex - This is almost as good as "Rad Awesome."
Rook - Chess, anyone?
Salad - But you'd be okay with Sal?

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