Does Alex think you're stupid?

Quick quiz.  Grab a pencil to keep track of your score (which will determine if you should shove it in your eye).
*You own a cat. (150 points)

*You drive an SUV. (50 points)

*You think "marriage is for Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." (250 points)

*You have never tried sushi. (10 points)

*You still use Explorer instead of Firefox. (50 points)

*You didn't know Jodie Foster is a lesbian. (5 points)

*You actually like high heels. (15 points)

*You smoke.  Really? (50 points)

*You leave your tv on for "background noise." (25 points)

*You have never seen Star Wars. (25 points)

*You have never seen Fight Club either. (25 points)

*You believe in invisible characters in the sky (aka God, etc.). (100 points)

*You paid for breast implants. (500 points)

*You own a laptop that never leaves your desk. (15 points)

*You don't watch The Office. (25 points)

*Your MySpace profile is set to private. (5 points if you posted nekkid pics; 50 points otherwise)

*You actually like sports. (15 points)

*You think Jessica Alba is sexy. (10 points)

*You (ladies only, obviously) changed your name when you got married. (10 points)

*You don't use the 'Shift' key. (75 points)

Okay, potential morons (if only in Alex's eyes), total your score and see how you fared:
0 to 5 points: No, Alex doesn't think you're stupid.
More than 5 points: Yes!

Copyright 2009 Ale[x]asperated.
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