Stinging Nancy and Guy's Wedding

Honestly, if you're having your wedding in the botanic gardens, do you really need to pay a florist?  Garden shears are cheaper and the flowers will be fresher.

No kidding.  He thought he'd be taking a shortcut.  Nope, that'd be knocking up your girlfriend... which is what the groom did.  (True story!)

This was the precise moment when the groom realized they should have registered for a riding lawnmower.

Believe it or not, far fewer ninjas were in attendance than the venue would suggest to Bruce Lee fans.  Or perhaps the ninjas were merely hiding in plain sight.  (Something to think about.)

It's like she was playing goalie and the rink just melted.

Some people get swamped planning their wedding.  Others merely plan their wedding in a swamp.

She's thinking she should have done this at birth and saved herself a lot of grief.

While hiring a professional storyteller was an unorthodox choice for entertainment, I have to admit I enjoyed the part about the sleeper hold.

I don't remember them having accents, but I'd put money on these folks being from France.

I think we're waiting for the mother(-in-law)ship to land.  Or something.

Lady in brown: I always cry at weddings.

Me: No, lady.  It's the pollen.

Having not eaten since the night before, the bride and groom stood mouths agape in the hopes of catching a bit of the rice we were to throw at them.

The Secret Service guys were so overcome with the romance of the day that a moment after this photo was taken, they found themselves lip-locked (which I can't show you for reasons of national security).

Yep.  The moon.  No veil would be complete without an accessory.

[Hey, DIY caption writers!  Insert your obvious Wizard of Oz joke here.]

An alternative to crutches, sure, but I'm thinking this is the cheapest ploy every concocted to weasel into a threesome.

Which one of these guys is actually ready to get married?  No, not even him.  He forgot his coat.  That's no proof.

While we were occasionally pestered by bees, Dani was adept at discretely snatching them up in her mouth.  She's used to having a stinger there, of course.

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