The Wedding Stinger Returns, Part III

Continuing where we left off...
These kids are going to get more Photoshopped than Mosh Girl.

HOT CHICK I DON'T KNOW:  If he bites you right there, it will help distract you when the honeymooning starts.

ERINN:  Lemme take my earring out then.

Much like sex, every generation thinks they invented break dancing.

Remember at the beginning of the evening when Devin was actually dressed up?  Yeah, what happened?

Keanu sent an RSVP saying he couldn't make it, but I'm pretty sure this guy was from the Matrix.

And the winner of this year's Air Guitar International goes to...!

ERINN:  High-five sista!

CINDY:  I'll, uh, drop all my expensive crap.

This isn't what they were playing, but it's what I hear in my head right now.

...and that's how Bobby got Mom and Dad back together.

Some relatives' stories go on way too long when the young ones would much rather get on with the honeymoon.

Yeah, I'm not much for salad myself.  Let's just get some more cake.

I'd never heard of door prizes at a wedding reception before, but this was one I was happy not to have won.

Dani's jokes just clear the room.

Okay, class.  Let's name five things wrong with this girl group.

DEVIN:  You know, Honey, now that we're married, we can go to swingers clubs.

ERINN:  Get your ass in the car.

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