The Wedding Stinger Returns, Part II

Continuing where we left off...
It was hardly brain surgery, but the newlyweds treated it as a strategic operation.  For that matter, the honeymoon wasn't rocket science, but....  Well, you get the idea.

Erinn wins this round of Make a Funny Face...

...but Devin comes from behind and surprises everyone for the win!

Cindy went to great lengths to get away from me and my suggestions we sneak away to a dark corner and make out.  "Come on!  It's a wedding," I kept saying, but she wasn't buying it.

Throwing a garter belt is one thing, but marriages are made from looks across the room just like this one*.

*That's Devin's bro.  Yeah, they do look a lot alike.

HIM:  Take off the pants.

HER:  Uh, that's a cake knife.  You're going to have to do better than that.

I asked Cindy why she and the other photographer there wore black.

HER:  It's so we'll be less conspicuous.

ME:  You mean while you're standing on chairs holding a huge chunk of metal, plastic, and glass flashing over your head?

HER:  Uh... yeah.

Watchin' the dames, havin' a Bud.  You?

It's only a matter of time before there's finger-pointing when you mix family and alcohol.

Yeah, I'd say he was well-fed as a baby.

Someone get a paramedic!

Cue the Bionic Man sound effect.

Hey, they're right.  The roof is on fire!

Let's take a moment to check out Dani's dance moves while all this is going on.  Yep, still tearing it up.

Now back to the funk, already in progress.

Proving to the world that they could indeed shake, shake, shake their booties.

No, Junior, don't look.  I'll explain it all when you're older.

La vie Boheme!
La vie Boheme!
La vie Boheme!*
*Rent reference.  Never mind.

Yeah, more like reserved for people who weren't willing to dance till they dropped.

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