The Wedding Stinger Returns
Erinn and Devin threw their wedding together ahead of ours so we could get some pointers for ours.  And for us to poke fun of the pictures (but we didn't tell them that, of course).

Dani's so hot in red, she sets off sprinklers wherever she goes.  Even weddings.  Even outdoors.

Yeah, the band really knew how to pack them in, lemme tell ya!

E-flat minor.  Now name that tune.

Three guesses where she kept the cell phone. (Nope.  Not her purse.)

The only reason why I have black friends is because I thought we'd finally go to at least one wedding in Texas where they wouldn't serve Mexican food.  Did they?  Of course.

Yeah, but then they stopped to pose for pictures and then it was Aesop's "Tortoise and the Hare" all over again.

First of all, it is customary to cry at weddings, but not so much at the beginnings of receptions.  Second, ummmm, find someone else's shoulder to cry on, dude!

They put the DJ in the opposite corner as the band.  You would think they would have totally had a battle, but they played nice and didn't start anything.

What?  No one brought a deck of cards?

You might think this is trick photography, but no.  Her dad really does sit on the groom's shoulder and act as his conscience.

Funny, I can't even get flowers to grow in dirt.

CAPTAIN:  I'll take command of these vessels.


I have like, I don't know, maybe a thousand pictures of Cindy, one of the photographers.  If she didn't figure out I had a crush on her by the end of the day, there's no hiding it now.

Fame!  I'm gonna live forever!

Hey, some more Courvoisier over here!

DANI:  No, really, they'll be starting the buffet soon.

TOMMIE:  It's too late; I'm starving now, and I don't think lipstick has a lot of calories anyway.

Oh, yeah?  Well, I have a microphone and a drink, so good luck!

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