The Wedding Stinger heads to the hills

No, that's not the bride.  Those are the Rockies in the background, not the Ozarks.

The opposite of wildlife photography is domestic photography.

One time... at orchestra camp...

The usual suspects.

They invited the poor little tree who took the trouble to come all the way up here to be at the wedding, and then they make him stand in the back. 

I'm no tree hugger, but that's just wrong.

The groom's brother consults with the mail-order minister* to find out if there any loop holes in this whole marriage thing.

*No, seriously.  He just sent away for some stuff so he could officiate.

I don't remember who this guy was, but obviously he either has a great personality or he makes loads more money than me.

Just like voltron, they combine together to form a life-size bride.

The bride is shocked by her dad's abrupt and ill-timed announcement that he's not going to pay for the wedding.

Notice how the wedding party is in the same configuration as the minister's moustache.

Time to go over the fine print.  Actually, I think she read a poem.  You can't tell though because you can't see the glaze over the guests' eyes in this photo.

Damn, the photographer got my picture.  This is sure to create a paradox in the time stream.  Or something.

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