More of the Wedding Stinger Striking Yet Another Time Once More...

Continuing where we left off...
Documenting the precise moment when the groom's mom lost all the pictures on her camera.

I'm not making this up.

I'm no handyman, but even I can tell you that's not level.

Order the wine and communion wafers.  They don't come with cheese though, sorry.

No peeking!  You'll spoil the surprise for the groom later tonight.

Either he just remembered he left the oven on or you don't want any of the chicken wraps.

Awwwwwww.  Will somebody please ask her to dance?

I wasn't listening in on this conversation, so all the captions I can think of for this one are really, really dirty.

"...Open up the doors and look at all the people."

So, uh, where'd ya rent your moustache from?

An awkwardness ensues when the guys realize they coordinated outfits, but their girls don't match.

It was Rosie's day off, so all the girls did was gab about her and Donald Trump.

Look at how much faster the wait staff is moving compared to the bride and groom.  Hell, the whole reception already moved on...

...although Dani's liver was clearly not keeping up with what was in her glass.

" the naaaaaame of loooooove."

Two words: Breast fixation.

U2 was already booked that night.

I don't always get Mike's jokes, but clearly he kills with the golden girls.

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