The Wedding Stinger Strikes Himself (ouch!)
Once upon a time, I was actually married in a schoolhouse far, far away... on my first day of work as a teacher there.  Yeah, it's a long story.  Read it here.  And enjoy the pictures.

In torture class, bamboo shoots were applied to the bride's cuticles until she agreed to take the marshmallow Peeps out of her hair and put on her wedding dress.

I'm listening attentively to Judge Judy while my ex-to-be tries to remember if she left the iron on.

Here my dad congratulates me on getting married before I inherited his hairline.

My mom has a post-hypnotic suggestion to giggle uncontrollably whenever she hears the word "cheese."

This was the last time I trusted my ex to wield a knife while I was within striking distance.

We were were in a school.  How could you not expect there to be a food fight?

Being a teacher as well, the bride asks the kids to guess how long they think the marriage will last.

(Correct answer: Four years.)

Whenever there's an amplifier of any size, my dad always does an air guitar impression for my mom's amusement and my embarrassment.

In addition to hell freezing over and flying pigs, money was also found to grow on trees on the day of the wedding.

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