The Wedding Stinger Strikes Again: Part the Second

Continuing where we left off...
A random monarch enjoys a dance with the Grand Dragon of the KKK.  

Why aren't the knights slaying dragons instead of tilting flagons?

Here the bride and groom use their laser-eyed heat vision to finish baking the cake before they cut it...

...then the bride proceeds to perform an impromptu scene as Lady MacBeth.

The groom's sudden release of flatulence caught this one little girl (and her dress) by surprise.

After the bride tossed the bouquet from the balcony above, the groom followed another medieval tradition, and poured hot tar from above as well.

And the award for the most colorful costumes of the evening:  The Fusha Knight and his lady.

My sword's bigger.

You must be this tall to go on your honeymoon.

Congrats, Don and Kelly!

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