The Wedding Stinger Strikes Again

Our friends Don and Kelly (another internet dating success story, btw) decided to have a Renaissance themed wedding, something Kelly had always wanted and Don was brave enough to deal with.  The wedding was held at a real castle in Rockwall (pun?).  We were invited and took pictures.  Enjoy.
"Welcome to Medieval Times!  My name is Dani, and I'll be your server."

Due to heavy rains the evening of the wedding, miniature lighthouses were installed to help guide the bride to her betrothed.

According to tradition, the bride and groom's hands were tied together for practice in case they couldn't figure out how to get kinky on their honeymoon. 

(This was before the invention of velcro straps, of course.)

The groom's father carries a big stick to beat any guests who stoop so low as to buy a gift certificate from Target.  (Shame on us!)

My faux chain mail was made of the same material as Michael Jackson's shirt in the "Rock With You" video.

Now I'm off to battle for a place in the buffet line.

Sorry, President Bush.  Cloning is here to stay.

A little-known wedding tradition was for the father of the bride to empty his glass on a random guest's head.

What you can't see is that Shaggy and Scooby hid in the suit of armor until the ghouls passed.

Here the groom plots with his man-at-arms to have the bride's family slain so he can ascend to the throne.  Ah, the intrigue!

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