The Wedding Stinger (pulp-free version)
This is a series of pictures from my friends Brei and Allen's wedding.  I couldn't help but put captions to the images.  A theme emerges toward the end.  Oh, and it helps to know that Brei is an Eskimo.  Yes, seriously.

Allen tries to accomodate Brei's wishes for improved reception by providing rabbit ears... not quite understanding she was referring to the wedding reception.

Smooth Lloyd and Jake the Snake only made one memorable appearance during the second season of Miami Vice before being busted by Crockett and Tubbs.

Sadly, American Idol was forced to disqualify the New Freaks on the Block for not performing as solo acts.

Being new to the White Man's Land, Brei did not know that it was customary to perform a square dance, but the natives were happy to teach her.

For just pennies a day, you, too, can have a henchman of your own.

Meet the cast of 
Survivor: Bush Country

Hey, even garage bands sometimes can't find a garage.  Or instruments.

In order to satisfy both cultures, a hybrid kiss was developed that involved both lips and noses.

For those interested, this will be included in the 2005 addendum to the Kama Sutra.

"Can't take my eyes off of you..."

...because I don't know where your fucking hand is!

Barefoot?  Check!

Pregnant?  Er....

Now let me show you the way to the kitchen!

Note: The Quinten Tarantino version has been expanded and moved here.
Captions and layout copyright 2005 nuptualAle[x].  All photos 2005 copyright Brei and Allen.
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