Wedding party reminder and FAQ

I wrote this up for Shanna and Steve's post-wedding party.  (The wedding was held a few days earlier.  I officiated, hence the "Reverend Alex," then we threw the party at our house afterward instead of a reception.)  People seemed to get a kick out of this reminder/FAQ I emailed out.

Reminder: Shanna and Steve's wedding party is coming up this Sunday, June 13th.  If you haven't done your RSVP yet, please let us know if you can make it.

FAQ (Sarcasm follows.  Enjoy!)

Location: The "DNA Complex" mentioned in the original invite is Dani's attempt at being cute.  DNA = "D"ani aNd "A"lex.  It's just our house.  (Clever would have been if she called it the nucleus or the gen(h)ome or something that made sense to a biology major.)

Gifts: Shanna and Steve aren't officially registered anywhere, but two things they've expressed a preference for are 1) Spending money for their honeymoon cruise and 2) Gift cards from Lowes.  (The latter = a 30% tax credit when they insulate their house, btw.)

Dress code: It's a party.  On a Sunday afternoon.  Factor in that the bride is from Monroe, Louisiana, and then assume you're going to get dog hair on whatever you're wearing even if we just vacuumed, and that's the parameters of your wardrobe selection process.

BYOB: There's no open bar, sorry, but we aren't Southern Baptists either.  Bring what you like and just have a good time celebrating your friends' wedding.

If you didn't receive the evite, check your spam folder and/or just reply directly to me.  Please RSVP ASAP so we know how big the cake should be.

-Reverend Alex.

Copyright 2010 Alexplorer.
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