Alexploring Ripley's Believe It Or Not...

Next we went to the Ripley's part of the museum.
Your assignment: Write a caption using the words "prickly" and "blow."

Years ago you had to travel all the way to Transylvania to get a genuine vampire hunting kit like this one.  today we have eBay.

Personally, I'd just go with a salad.

If you're the type who goes for chicks with legs, this one's got four of them.

This is what inspired Dani to register us for the ballroom dancing class.

Candy with a purse.  Believe it... or not!

I'd like to make a toast.

Yet another guitar I just gotta have!

Good thing someone figured out what to do with all the loose change that accumulated in his couch.

Rocky horror.

Time for the mirror maze.
The plastic bags were supposed to keep us from smudging the mirrors thus rendering it obvious which were where, but I had other ideas how to use them.

Since the flash showed up in the mirror a lot of the time, I tried a long exposure and got crap like this (or worse), but I was inspired to update The Third Man to set the funhouse scene in the 25th century where the bad guy could use a laser gun instead of a pistol.  Yeah, you see where this is going, right?

This is pretty cool as well.

Picasso's Many-Sided View of Woman done with a camera.

Some of the light from the camera is still bouncing its way through the maze without finding its way out even weeks later.

It would probably be too much trouble to drag the severely intoxicated here just to give them a sobriety test, but I would love to see it if they did.

Just to make things completely surreal, there were four guys from Africa dressed identically like this running around the maze the same time as we were.  I'm still recovering from that.

This would actually be a nice place to shave my head so I don't miss spots in the back the way I usually do.

On the way out I found something else unbelievable.  Were these two signs intended as a joke?

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