Alexploring The Wax Museum
My favorite thing about out-of-town friends is that they make you go to places you pass by about a million times on the interstate going, "We oughta go there some time..." and they make you actually go there.  When Dani's high school friend Candy and her prom date (no, really; they're an item for real now though) Nina came for a visit, we finally got around to hitting the The Palace of Wax and Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

In Texas, recycled beer cans eats you!

Anatomy was never my strong point, but I'll take a picture of anyone who wants to expose their parts.

I'm on the right.

A girl can dream...

Hint: It doesn't stand for vagina since this is possibly the worst way to go about getting any.

Okay, but it is more realistic than what Shatner's been sporting since the 20th century.

It is unAmerican not to know enough gossip to hate at least three of these people.

If they were standing that close to the real guy, they might be charged with attempted murder for giving him a stroke.

That's probably a good, safe distance, too, but for different reasons.

No caption required.

Dani's so very good with the elderly.

Nina, wash your hands.  That man's head has been up his ass!

MySpace: A place for predators.

"And who knows witch is witch and who is who?"
-Dark Side of the Rainbow

Oh, look at all the decorating ideas for my dungeon!

"Yo, waiter!"

The question is who Jesus would thank if he won an Emmy?

If there hadn't been a layer of glass between me and that phaser, all hell woulda broken loose.

For reasons that should be obvious to all, Captain Hook has historically been the least desirable person to lesbians.

Either this machine is psychic or it shares my toyboy fetish.

Dani with my in-laws.

Sadly, she never saw a dime of the royalties from all the t-shirts, refrigerator magnets, etc.

If I was writing the show, he'd be a character on Nip/Tuck.

Oh, it's Pee Wee Herman having fun with the scotch tape again.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

And yet Dani screams when she sees cockroaches.

"Hi, I'm Chris Hansen...  Why don't you have a seat right there."

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