Unwanted Toys
     ...and other Dollar Store finds

If you do your shopping a little off the beaten path, you can find some of the worst concepts for toys that have ever been produced.  Who buys these?  Their value only lies in making fun of them.

Alien abduction!
Well, first of all, the scale of the aliens is all wrong.  Everyone knows they're only tall enough to insert a rectal probe!

I like how, as skinny as they are, they can't just slip between the bars.  I guess they're just flummoxed by our supperior flat-bed alien-imprisonment trailer technology.

(Found at a drug store, although I original saw this same set for at a dollar store.  It was $6 here!)

A Dozen Gators

Another dollar store find.  Why do these come twelve to the bunch?  Couldn't there be another eleven non- crocodillian animals in the pack?

My favorite thing about this package was the generic but nonsensical statements on the board including:

  • Completely new to come to the market
  • New type
  • Latest technology 
  • Fashionable color
  • Superior manufacture
  • Flashing enter
  • Most new catena
No, I don't know what a catena is either.

  • English is not spoken in...
    My Home Sweet Home

    The toys were silly enough, but Dani was the one who found the Engrish on the package:

    Simulating the true styles and making carefully.  All styles are wonderful!

    Hedwig and the Angry Fire Pole 

    Another dollar store find. 

    This is supposed to be a woman, but the toy designers obviously have never seen a real one up close.  And check out those man- hands!

    Curiously, there were also male action figures in this toy line, but I'll bet there was only one locker room at their fire station.

    Bad Art

    Here are some of the worst pieces of art ever to be sold (or more likely not) for a dollar.
    I don't get it
    Will someone out their put their art history degree to good use and explain this sculpture to me?!  Am I missing a litterary reference or something?

    I welcome submissions of captions for this and any photo here.

    I'm melting!
    Have these wolves heads been severed?  What's going on here?  I get that the fur is supposed to blend into the snow, but it's just awful.

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