Even more "too much stuff"!!! *note the irony
Continuing where we left off...
Gar(b)age sales
Another garage sale
This was some of the stuff that went in the third garage sale we had this year.  Yeah, third.  (Actually, we had a fourth one the weekend after I posted this since my neighbors were throwing one and invited us to join in... out of sympathy after seeing these pictures.)

You may recognize some of the left-overs that didn't sell from their penultimate resting place at Goodwill.

And that's not even counting the eBay stuff.  Actually, I haven't even posted this stuff for auction yet as of this writing...

However, I did sell off most of Dani's cds. 

(I sold my comparably-sized cd collection a few years ago when I realized I hadn't listened to any of them since Winamp was in beta).

Misc. crap
In storage
Dani likes crafts. 

I like Star Wars. 

I don't want to discuss it any further.

This is Dani's fault.  Years ago I only had one bike.  So I bought one for her so she could go riding with me.  She didn't like it. 

So she borrowed her dad's... and never returned it.  But she didn't like it. 

And then she bought another one... which she almost never rides.  Conclusion: She doesn't like riding bikes as much as she enjoys cluttering up the shed with them.

Pens and pencils
Ironically, I prefer to type.

A hygenist's wet dream
These are just the ones not currently in use or in any of the shaving kits.

I can't seem to get through the free samples from the dentist fast enough.  I'm going to rationalize this into an excuse for eating more sweets.

Clothes hangers
Actually, this is progress.  Originally all of these had clothes on them.  I finally got Dani to get rid of enough clothes that she only takes up a closet, a dresser, and the entire armoire.

The hangers have come to rest in the shed where they await another garage sale.  (Actually, whatever didn't sell went to the dry cleaners since they will accept used ones.)

Still more clothes hangers
This is from a subsequent round of pruning the wardrobe about a year later.  I hung these up in the laundry room to see which we would keep.

Most would view this as too many hangers to keep.  Dani looks at this picture and thinks she needs to buy more clothes to dress the hangers in.

Floor boards
Also in the shed are the original hardwood floors that were replaced by the original owners.  Why are we keeping them?  Because I like getting splinters every time I have to move the things out of the way.

Dog crap (ewwwww!)
The record to date is four dogs under one roof (roof! roof!), but I live in constant fear that we'll find an irresistible pack of pug puppies wandering the streets.

Mercifully we're down to just this one, but he's so goddamned fat that he must have eaten at least two other fat bastard cats.

With all these, you would think the dogs get walked a lot.  Well, they don't.

Any of you S&M enthusiasts need some gear?

Dog toys
Is this a scene from the excavation of Jeffery Dahmer's back yard?  Why, no.  It's just all the dog toys I picked up so I can mow the lawn without sending shards of bone through, say, a window or my foot.

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