Alexplorer Goes Time Traveling...

If you're just joining this series already in progress, then it means you don't have a time machine, so here's the short version: Every Tuesday (your present), I come back from my adventures time-traveling around MySpace and fill you in on what happened to people from my past as they keep slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future.

Ah, here's one now...


Jill (not her real name) was a year younger than I was, but we had half a year of PE together because I took driver's ed one semester and needed to pick up the second semester's credit the following year.  Thankfully we were doing the classwork section of the course at that time, just a bunch of textbook stuff about health, sex ed, etc.

I can honestly say that Jill was one of the rare relationships I had that was truly of the love/hate variety that always seems contrived when they try it in the movies.  We never actually dated, but we simultaneously flirted and fought with one another constantly.  There was real sexual chemistry between us that continued for the next few years whenever we crossed paths.

You can't tell in this picture, but lurking beneath the bow and the shy, awkward half-smile was a dirty mind.

Somewhere along the way I ran into her in a mall by the college I was going to.  She had gone to school for a semester or maybe even a full year, then dropped out and joined the army on a whim that she seemed surprised by herself.  However, that didn't last as the army eventually turned her out on some obscure medical reason that she described as something about the way her ribs were shaped (alleged by the army's experts to impair her breathing).  Yes, I'm suspicious as well.

She never went back to college.  Currently married with kids, she's living in Texas now, but too far away for me to run across.  She's still into role playing games and sci-fi/fantasy novels, which makes sense seeing as how from this look on her face she appears to need more of an escape now than ever.

Hypothetical letter I'll probably never send to her:

You remember that time at the county fair when you and I and our respective groups of friends met up?  You remember how we got into it like we always did, how we were at one another's throats and people thought we were going to fight?  Remember how you punched me in the arm and how I twisted you over my knee and I spanked you and how you didn't fight me through it because you were finally getting what you wanted?  Well, I've always wanted to kiss you and see which of us bit the other's lip first.  Find a babysitter, because I'll be over this weekend and we're going to get this out of our system.

-A fantasy character not invented by Tolkien.

Copyright 2006-2007 Ale[x]plorer.  All photos are of the actual individuals described above because, seriously, I can't make this shit up.
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