Thoughts for the Day

A few things that made me go Hmmm...  Now it's your turn to do the same.

I belive in "U"
To GWB, that extra "u" in "nuclear" (or as he says "nuculure") is like the Rapture.  It's not in the Bible, but he's going to believe in it anyway and no one's going to convince him it doesn't exist.

Space Oddity says...
Great quip by Bowie in an interview the other day: "Throughout the '70s I think I was a closet heterosexual."  If that's true, what does that make Mick Jagger?  (Note how Mick and Frank'n'Furter have the same strut.)

Canned oysters?
Oysters are supposed to make you horny.  I believe the thinking is that if you can put these in your mouth, you probably don't have any inhibitions left.

The strongest oak started out as a nut who held its ground.

The duq says “quaq”

Sam's Club
How can it be simultaneously "members only" and so white trashy?

Kitties don't keep you company.  They're only good for shitting in a box.  But who wants a box of shit?

Blue jean
Blue jeans are just about the sexiest thing a woman can wear.  Especially if that's all she's wearing.

Not my type
People who write "ur" for "your" are typing with a redneck accent.  Avoid them.

Cats' ambivalence toward me negate my interest in that variety of animal.  If I could juggle, I would have a total of one reason for having anything to do with them.

Sometimes I'll flip thought the channels and end up on a Spanish-language station and there will be a kid on tv and he'll be speaking Spanish and I'll get really freaked out because I'll start thinking, "Hey, that kid's only, like, five and he already knows Spanish.  He must be a freaking genius!"

The Dixie Chicks
The Surgeon General should speak out against the Dixie Chicks as role models.  Just because you are inbred does not mean you can become a successful performer in any venue outside of a carnival.

I worry about the signals being sent out into space.  A few hundred years from now we may be annhilated on the basis of the banality of Regis and the Today show.  We're gone, man.  Game over!

Birth Control
The state ought to mandate birth control until most people turn 30.  The rest of them ought not to be permitted to breed until they're 130.

The Meaning of Mean
People are mean based on the distance between the effort and the end effect.  In other words, people will trash some girl who layers on the make-up without really having the natural looks.  We resent her for over-compensating instead of just being herself.

It's like when a big-budget movie bombs because people look down on it for being too big for its own good.  We can forgive a small film for being lame, but there's just no excuse for throwing all that money at a script that features Jar Jar Binks.

Jerry Springer
Is there is entertainment value in seeing people bludgen each other in anger?  Maybe not for everyone, but it's a vicarious catharsis.  They're idiots.  Part of me wants to hit them too.  Fortunately, they do it to one another while I'm playing on the web.  I love these guys for hating one another because I hate them.  And good luck diagramming that sentence!

I miss what some of us now think of as the "Golden Age of the Internet," back when there was nothing but text, you had to say something interesting to be noticed.  Now everyone thinks they're a multimedia artist because they can link to a Boris Vallejo picture or a publicity photo from a Tarantino movie.

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