Survey says...

Is it just my friends who post a million and one surveys on myspace?

Two Names You Go By
1. Alex
2. Alexplorer (Ha! You thought I was going to say the other one.)

Two Parts of Your Heritage
1. Mom
2. Dad

Two Things That Scare You
1. Amputees
2. People who can't control their reproductive urges (and should probably have their gonads amputated)

Two Everyday Essentials
1. Alphasmart
2. Digital camera

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now
1. Left shoe
2. Right shoe

Two Things You Want in a Relationship
1. Threesomes
2. See #1

Two Truths
1. m = E/c^2
2. c^2 = E/m

Two things You Hate
1. People with loud motorcycles
2. Mexican food

Two Physical Things that Appeal to You
1. Small boobs
2. I think #1 counts as two.

Two Places You Want to go on Vacation
1. New York
2. Under New York

Two Things You Want to Do Before You Die
1. Live
2. Forever

Copyright 2005 Ale[x]plorer.
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