Dani's second surprise party, Part II

Continuing where we left off...
Soundtrack to this photo provided by Barry White.

"Grin and show everyone '35' isn't too long in the tooth."

Rev. Don's gift of a wedding scrapbook backfired as that was the day Dani least wants to recall of all the ones she has forgotten.

Good thing the Rev. didn't see the in-house abortion clinic over Dani's shoulder.

Mental note: Bass guitars make Erinn happy.

Jessica won the unofficial "biggest hair" contest in which I placed dead last. 

This is why we are mortal enemies. 

Radar doubled as a martini glass.

Look what Gary brought back from the '80s!

Gus kept guard until they hatched.

More people listen to Amy's stories than get their news from CNN.

"And you forgot my birthday, bitch!"*

*True story.

"And stay out."  What do I need with that many Amys anyway?

Drilldog will destroy you!

Now how are we going to find the room in the fridge for all the leftovers?

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