Dani's second surprise party
After her Brokeback Birthday surprise, Dani didn't think she had anything else coming.  That's the key to throwing a surprise party: removing all suspicion.  Then I went out and invited all her friends whose numbers I could find (even though somebody sucks at updating her address book).

Since I can't cook anything fancier than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Tracy came over and cooked (okay, microwaved) all the party food and had everything ready in about ten minutes.  I had no idea she was such a Martha Stewart.  Now I want to keep her under house arrest at my place for mealtimes.

Having already been to one too many parties in his young life, Radar was happy to just sit this one out.

Between a nurse and a physical therapist, you'd think one of them would know how to handle latex.

Gary keeps hoping it won't be coal again this year.

Ironically, when you surprise someone for her birthday, you effectively deprive her of several birthdays she would have made it to without the shock.

(No, I have no idea what Shan is aghast over.)

Comic book readers will immediately note that Beth's thought bubble is tiny, blue, and empty.  Who knew?

I didn't realize Amy found the party this narcolepsy-inducing.

"Okay, I'll admit he's good at surprising me, but I won't remember tonight by next week with my goldfish memory."

Mel's impression of Martha Stewart in the kitchen is frightening dead on right down to the ankle bracelet egg timer.

This is a good age to start getting more fiber in your diet, hence the carrot cake.

Tracy is like a kid in a candy store.  Well, surrounded by jars full of leftover Halloween candy, who can blame her for the apparent sugar rush?

Rev. Don wonders why it's called "Chill" when it makes him want to go ape-shit crazy and break a bottle over someone's head.

Tracy demonstrates the Time Warp for the virgins.

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