More stuff I hate...

Slideshows on MySpace profiles.  They're just seizure-inducing thumbnails that I can't click.  How many levels of wrong can you squeeze into a 400x300 space on your profile?

When cashiers can't figure out change.  A lot of the time I give a extra bill or coins or whatever so I don't get back a four $1s or a bunch of change.  The total will come to $11.16.  I'll give the cashier $21.26.  Blows her fucking mind.  She tries to hand me back everything but the $20.  I don't even make them count what I'm handing them; I just tell them what's in my hand.  Why would she rather give me a five, three ones, three quarters, a nickel, and four pennies instead of a ten and a dime?  They type it into into the register and then look at me like I'm fucking Houdini when they realize they only have to pull a bill and a coin out of the drawer.

Websites full of empty pages that say "under construction."  Dude!  Just don't fucking upload it yet.  WTF?  Why are you posting links to evidence of your incompetence?

Restaurants (well, one in particular) that serve only "dinner" on the weekend even at noon.  And yet the "lunch" specials are prominently displayed just not available.  I'm not talking about McDonalds not serving hashbrowns after 10am or whatever (Don't fucking correct me if that's wrong; I haven't been in one in years).  This is a place where I leave a tip.  Okay, not anymore.

iTunes.  Don't even get me started on how fucking badly designed this shit is.

Hospitals that have religious names.  Do I have to be a member?  If I am, will that make you more likely to keep me alive do I'll make it to the next social with you or will you try to kill me off now so as to my heavenly reward before I wise up and become an atheist?

Camera operators who zoom on the guitarists' wrong hand.  The right hand is the wrong hand.  It's the one failing about, sure, but the one on the left is making the music, and that's what I want to see.  If that's too boring for you, then show the backup singers instead.

Plastic tool cases.  Who puts their drill in a case?  Apparently this is included only for single women to neatly store their shit in the hall closet with their two screwdrivers and an adjustable crescent.  Get a man, bitch!  Maybe then Black & Decker will stop wasting plastic.

Cereals that "stay crunchy in milk."  I don't need that kind of racket this early in the morning.  Or at any time I have cereal for that matter.

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