Wedding Stinging

If you already saw the Wedding Stinger gallery from Devin and Erinn's wedding, you know I snuck up to the small balcony area and got some pretty good shots of the reception.  They had doors locked that were supposed to keep any wandering guests contained, but I had been to the place once before when Dani and I were checking out locations for our own ceremony and reception, so I had the basic floor plan in my head.  It wasn't difficult to figure out that pretty much any open door to the stairwell would get me where I needed to be.

Well, the girl that works at facility was all freaked out about how I got up there.  At one point after I came down, I was getting shots of the buffet line and she pulled me aside.

HER: Hi, I'm [whatever her name was], the Property Manager here.

Translation: I'm Very Important.

ME: Oh.  Hi.

Translation: Yeah, whatever.  Make this quick because if I miss getting a shot of the drama we all hope for at weddings on account of your posturing, I'm going to push you off that balcony over there.

HER: I was wondering how you got up there earlier.

Translation: You aren't allowed up there.  I mean, I have keys and everything because, like I said, I'm Very Important.

ME: I just went though those doors over there [gesturing vaguely at a different set than I actually used].

Translation: Wait.  You want me to tell you how to do your job?  That's what you get paid for apparently neglecting.

HER: Oh, because those are supposed to be locked.

Translation: Shit.

ME: Yeah, well, they weren't.

Translation: Yeah, well, you screwed up.  And even if you go ahead and lock any one set of them right now, I'm still going to be able to get in there because not only are the ones on the first level open, but also the ones from the basement and the third level, and that's just the one side I tried.  I wish I didn't know that, but I took the long way around the first time I went up there then got tired of waiting for the newly weds, and went down and for a while, then went back up a different way (which was also unlocked).  In other words, don't pull the attitude on me.  You don't even know how to lock a door.

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