Rich and Kelli's Snack 'n' Gag 2007, Part III

Continuing where we left off...
That is most decidedly not what I want my penis baked in.

Rather than having to reinvent the wheel, getting one for xmas is always a good thing.

An animated inflatable sheep meets an uninterested dog.  I should have videoed this moment.  Shit like this kills on YouTube.

Jonathan does his impression of

Okay, Shattner he's not.

Ginger winds up her pitch for the "sneeze in a cup contest" that she won by default on account of no one else wanted to play, so Jonathan didn't even have to drink it.

Not a present so much as a reflex.

Yes.  As fundamentally weird as snow in Texas.

Under track lighting, this looks sort of gay.

The tent lacked walls to keep the mosquitos away, but the brick enclosure was guaranteed to keep bears out or your limbs back.

Amy coaches Shanna and Dani on angry poses to assume in the driveway when husbands come home late.

Fellow music nerds Chris and that other guy challenge one another to a genius-level variety of "Name That Tune" involving blowing a C# on a beer bottle.

Even the party animals were dog tired by the end of the evening.

You can't tell, but the camera was on timer mode and I was at the bottom of the pile.

"Yeah, I bumped my head on it too, so I know how you must feel."

We couldn't hear Santa's sleigh bells over Liesl and Amy's prints.

Note: Even if you masturbate with a partner, it doesn't count as sex.  Not even if a girl's watching.

Someone tell Cousin Thing that the "steal a present" portion of the Chinese xmas festivities is over.

Okay, now pose real awkward so it will look spontaneous.

End of the night announcement: "Okay, I'm going home and I'm single.  Hello?  I said I'm single...!"

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