Rich and Kelli's Snack 'n' Gag 2007, Part II

Continuing where we left off...
Liesl prepares to fix Daniel-san's leg so he can complete the match.

The precise moment Ginger remembered she left the iron on.

Sensing a trap, Amy refused to answer when I asked if the cup was half-empty or half-full.

The consummate host, Rich handed out tabs of LSD, then we all stared at the xmas tree for the next 18 hours.

KIRK: It hurts when I poke myself like this.

LG: Then don't, duh!

"I've had it up to here with the goddamned carols!"

In an informal survey, only one guest admitted to actually received coal in her stocking.

This image is too phallic for me to bother to point out how phallic it is.

Dani finally found Jesus!  So that's where he's been hiding!

...and she got some small melons.  A duplicate gift, you might say.

Rechargeable batteries are all the rage this year what with the iGadgets and all that.

He's totally mastered the innocent look, but I've looked at his eBay history, and not only has won auctions for a strap-on before, he has the whole line of attachments.

I don't think anyone can play those anymore.  Maybe you could transfer it to vinyl so we could listen to it?

The look here says more than any caption could.

Whoa!  You got an air guitar?!  A left-handed model even!

Glow-in-the-dark nipples might seem a bit showy, but they can help avert awkward moments in the bedroom.

I'd just worn out my previous inflatable sheep when the gods of xmas smiled upon me!

Power tools and pot go together like books and power tools (and pot).

Leather pants or Siamese body bags for the Olson twins?  You decide.

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