Rich and Kelli's Snack 'n' Gag 2007
It sounds like the Cliffs Notes for the DSM-IV entry on bulimia, but, no, this is Rich and Kelli's annual xmas get-together featuring snacks and gag gifts at a Chinese gift exchange... meaning, of course, that's where most of the gifts were made.

Lisa Gail and Kirk have perfected the two faces I usually put on to get through Dani's stories.

Looks like a member of the Cratchit family showed up.

Chris explains to the rest of the crowd what a boobie feels like in case they want to put one on their xmas list.

Beth drops off presents, but rather than milk and cookies, she prefers pâté and white wine.

When stalking your dinner, it is always a good idea to wear camo.

"And then I grabbed her boobie like this."

For anyone who knows her: Katie wants a pair of these for xmas.

The stockings weren't the only thing hung, eh, you sly dog you!

Red wine has facilitated more bad pairings than Chuck Woolery.

Apparently someone spiked the wine with Jager.

Marriage: Grin and bear it.

Or not.

Stalemate: Looks like no one is going to do the dishes.

Beth's shoes always match whatever she accessorizing with.

Put the wagon under the tree, ladies.  Ginger just fell off it.

He doesn't look it here, but Kirk was so drunk he was actually hitting on his own wife.

The stands were packed in anticipation of the Rock, Paper, Scissors competition to come.

"Buffet?  Really?  Oh.  We were wondering what was up with the service."

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