The Eyes of Shannen Doherty
An unscientific investigation into what the fuck is going on with Shannen's freaky face.

Sure, her eyes are only offset by maybe five degrees, but it's the difference between hot and tepid in her case.

The cover photo from Shannen's appearance in Playboy, a magazine which has famously featured women with other lop-sided anatomies.

Here's one of Shannen's strategies: She makes her hair asymmetrical enough to blur the contours more reminiscent of Dali's melting clocks than recognizable human anatomy. 

However, sometimes Shannen's hair is just plain scared to go near her face.

Note that the same bangs would be in her eye if they were brushed over to the other side.

Even growing out the bangs on both sides won't help.

Hey, they're almost level!

But, no.  She keeps cocking her head the wrong way.  Maybe she's trying to confuse us?

This is 100% X-Files material right here.

Nice try, freak.

She's actually looking at you through the nostril on the left.

Oh, just give it up already.

Actually, in combination with the bo-tox, the raised eyebrow (and rest of that portion of her skull) contribute to an artificially youthful appearance.

Separated at birth!

Copyright 2008 Alexplorer.
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