Alexplorer's Guide to Roadside Signs, Part III

Continuing where we left off...
You spin me right round, baby, right round like a record player.

Take this route when your engine falls out.

Man, I don't know if I have the energy for that.

No Chinese allowed.

Thanks, I know I'm right.

For the parrots, obviously.

That's why I use Pepsodent and forget it!

It's a trick.  He's just going to light a fart.

Penile implants available at next exit.

Time to rejoin the commoners.

Or, for senior citizens: "Nap time."

Pedophile crossing.

...and Green Lantern's weakness is anything colored yellow.

You are less than nothing.

May take six months or so, but stick around.

Hey, watch the road, will ya?

Fuck no, that's gross.

Yeah, redheads usually aren't aroused by guys who talk like Native American robots.

Stop signs have ascended into heaven or a UFO.  Investigations are pending.

This space reserved for Hedwig.

Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.

Give it up.  She's not into anal.

Democratic district.

...and pull out or you'll get this:

She's preggers! have so much to live for!

Ladder deliveries originate here.

Copyright 2006 Alexplorer.
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