Alexplorer's Guide to Roadside Signs, Part II

Continuing where we left off...
Caution: Games of "chicken" played here.

Hey, look!  A swinger's club!

Quick, speed up!

How to interpret a Democratic sweep of Congress.

You'll have to use batteries.

Two-headed squid prohibited beyond this point.

Next stop: The food service industry.


It belongs to "her" now thanks to her divorce lawyer.

Static electricity made here.  Zap!

The title of the first porn I saw.

Dead end?

Existential crisis ahead.

Blind alley where pimp vehicles pen them in.

Yeah, kids.  Let's keep the urine content of the pool down.

Bad posture.  Stand up straight!

Your spouse will cheat at the next intersection.

Hey, no more Taco Bell before long road trips!

Toll road: One buck.

You won't get anywhere with her by being pushy.

Gentlemen, touch gloves and go to your corners.

Her husband will catch you there!

Turn up your radio, no worries.

I pity the fool who goes down this road.

US politics in a nutshell.

Oh, yeah?  What's this then?

For baseless propaganda, try Fox News instead.


No RSVP required.

Don't you dare walk away from me, bitch!

Copyright 2006 Alexplorer.
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