Alexplorer's Guide to Roadside Signs, Part I
Welcome to the United States!  I'll be helping you navigate the strange and sometimes confusing roadside signs you may encounter.

Religious paraphenalia prohibited elsewhere.

Unlike Indiana, California has to squat to pee.

Dude.  You fail.

No neck, No extemities, No service.

Benny needs to lose some weight.

It's comin' right for us!

Warning: Extra chromosomes.


Warning: Acid reflux ahead.

100 points per man, 10 per traffic cone.

Watch for Courtney Love.

Oh, come on, honey.  Just think about it...

Optimus Prime about to kick some serious ass.

No incest zone.

Or "10 hour parking" if you do the math.

Beware of Mel Gibson.

Don't worry, the army will take you.

Watch for short buses.

Shorthand for Bush's outlook on the first ten constitutional ammendments.

Speed up!  Wheeeeeee!  Airborne!

Time for an impromtu version of "Will It Float?"

Those pants make your ass look square.

Chairs will be provided.

Missing hat: If found, please call Clint Eastwood.

Translation: Throw like a girl.

Too few Bon Jovi fans pass this sign to steal it.

Fuck you, Roger Ebert.

Everyone can tell that's padding.

Copyright 2006 Alexplorer.
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