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Every once in a while I'll get the notion to combine a couple of marginalized literary genres like, say, personal ads and prescription drug labels.  I've never posted this one on a site anywhere for a number of reasons... not the least of which is that I would wonder about anyone who responded to this one.  Oh, and I already have a girlfriend.

Used for the treatment of loneliness.  Best if taken with dinner and a movie.  However, take by mouth as often as necessary.  If you miss a dose, double up at the next time.  Discontinue other stimulants (manual or battery operated) before beginning use, as this could interfere with maximum effects.

Possible side effects may include developing laugh lines around the eyes and periodic cramping of stomach muscles due to excessive laughter.  Known to occasionally cause irritability in rare instances, but may also cause a constant state of sexual arousal.  If this occurs, disrobe and lie down immediately.  Deep, rapid breathing may be induced at this time.  Frequent orgasms are not uncommon.

Avoid taking with excessive alcohol as this may result in pregnancy.  Prolonged exposure may lead to opening up to new ideas and interests.  May be habit-forming as dependency may occur with prolonged use.  Withdrawal symptoms may include feelings of listlessness, despondency, and persistent heartache.  Note that the possibility of overdose is regarded as remote.

Check with your doctor to see if I am right for you.

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