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This is a profile I wrote up for my page on  I'm not sure where the idea came from, but I created it from a series of phrases extracted from Myers-Briggs profiles for my personality type (ENTP, in full disclosure).  I even set the font like this in the profile, emulating an old typewriter.  The text doesn't say as much about me as I wanted it to, but I was having fun, so I guess I got carried away.  But that's sort of an ENTP trait, isn't it?

Excerpt from [CLASSIFIED MEDICAL FILES], Arkham Asylum, Gotham City...

Patient is a very logical, rational thinker, yet engages in reckless escapades. Frequent thrillseeker, constantly searching for novelty, be it in the form of new friends, activities, or other diversions. Patient displays excellent communication skills and can be very charming, willing to entertain a conversation on almost any topic. Indeed, despite the underlying emotional chaos, a calm and under control facade is always presented. Lively and energetic, typically dislikes routine, detailed tasks and confining schedules. Is definitely a high escape risk. Note that patient is always working on a grand scheme or idea. He is very pragmatic and is sensitive to possibilities. Good at analysis. A probable mode of interaction would be to lull others into a sense of calm before doing something unexpected.

Is very bright and capable, but has not lived up to potential. Able to grasp difficult concepts and theories, but has still not completed thesis in neuroscience due to a preferece to pursue new ideas over following through on an existing projects. Seems interested in everything, but is emotionally detached from most interests and especially other people. He is filled with obscure bits of knowledge and is very creative, though usually foregoing productive endeavors in favor of more frivolous activities. However, subject is very project-oriented as well, devoting inordinate amounts of time to building webpages on esoteric topics of limited interest to anyone outside of self.

He is very inventive and exhibits considerable skill with electronic devices. For example, takes apart guitars and modifies their electronics seemingly in violation of common sense and natural laws. Can also play the instruments pretty darned well, to the surprise and delight of the staff. Unfortunately, while their attention was diverted, patient fashioned ninja throwing stars and a pair of nunchucks from a newspaper, set of guitar strings, and a ball point pen. Several nurses and patients required medical attention once patient was finally restrained.

Copyright irrationAle[x].
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