About the headlines...

Headlines are taken from the "In the News" corner of Yahoo's main page.  All headlines are 100% real.  The text is not altered in any way.

I do my best to ensure that the jokes relate to the facts of the actual news report as well. However, as informed as I try to be, I am sometimes ignorant of the full story.

The world is indeed a strange place, and in many cases I feel I am just completing the joke started in the headline itself.  I started playing off of these when I realized that there were so many that were already laughable.  After sending these around to friends and family, I started this compilation.

The number of headlines I happen to collect varies from day to day, depending on the number of interesting stories, the tone of the news, and how often I think to check the headlines.  Interestingly, slow news days often make for the funniest headlines since news providers start getting desperate and have to report things they otherwise would not.

Please note that the humor is sometimes coarse.  This is intentional, although it does not always reflect my position on a particular issue.  One goal in this exercise is to comment on the news through the juxtaposition of competing ideas.  For example, if the headline is about a murder and the punchline contains a racial epithet, which elicits a response in you?  Think about it.

That being said, as many and as cruel as the Bush jokes are, it isn't that he's just an easy target.  I can't stand him either.

-the NationALEXaminer.

If you are offended by any of the jokes, 
please re-read the headlines and 
get your priorities in order, you idiot!

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