Synopses of Movies based on Just the Title

Something I came up with from my list of the "Most Acclaimed Movies."  I never finished going through the list.  I just did a bunch over the course of a few (or maybe just a couple of?) days, then forgot about it on my "to do" list.

The Godfather - Paul Rudd stars as the screw-up younger brother who finally gets his act together when he becomes an uncle.

Pulp Fiction - A dime novelist's boring life suddenly becomes more exciting than he expected when he ends up the unwitting benefactor of a mob boss' stash of cash

Annie Hall - When the girls honors dorm needs money for rennovations, the nerdettes step up to try their hand at stripping.

Chinatown - In impending marriage between an interracial couple brings their conservative families into conflict in this hilarious comedy.  Bernie Mac and Jackie Chan star as the future fathers-in-law.

Raging Bull - During his convalensence, an injured bull fighter bonds with the animal that gored him, and has a change of heart about the sport.

All About Eve - A blogger achieves international fame and romance by chronicling the adventures of her vagina in the big city.

Dances With Wolves - A recently-widowed dance instructor finds new purpose in his life when he takes a position teaching a dance class at a local community center unofficially run by the local street gang.

Bonnie and Clyde - A prize-winning sheep and German shepherd form an unlikely friendship that saves the family farm.

Network - A man has a nervous breakdown from his high-stress job and reinvents his news network into a success by only reporting good news.

Schindler's List - Liam Neeson stars as a teminally ill man who seeks revenge on everyone who wronged him in the preceeding 50 years with his remaining 6 weeks before he is taken by cancer.

Star Wars - A dramatic telling of Bette Davis' notorious feud with Joan Crawford that had all of Hollywood talking!

Godfather Part II - When Paul Rudd becomes a father for the first time, he selects his best friend for the role that transformed him years earlier.  Jack Black co-stars.

On the Waterfront - A top realtor realizes she's no match for one stubborn property when the three most important things in her profession are location, location, location!

Terms of Endearment - A boyfriend who wants to break up with his super-clingy girlfriend has her make up a list of dealbreakers just so he can do them all.

Ordinary People - In a world with only superheroes, the few remaining "normals" band together to become super friends.

Some Like It Hot - A chef who specializes in ultra-spicy food finds himself lured into a world more exotic than he can handle when he learns the clientelle he attracts are into S&M.

American Graffiti - An anthropologist studying urban decay learns that a terrifying secret society is communicating through coded art hidden in plain sight.

Singin' in the Rain - A docu-drama about the rise of grunge in late '80s Seattle following the stories of the lead singers of several key bands.

Tootsie - A mathematician organizes the entire Berkley campus into the largest experiment to find how many lick does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

The African Queen - The king of an isolated sub-Saharan tribe bravely decides to transition to a woman no matter what his subjects think of her.

Moonstruck - When an experimental station on the moon catastrophically explodes, there are only weeks left before the moon falls out of orbit and crashes into the Earth.

The Sound of Music - A magic spell leaves a bitter man able to hear nothing but music.

Being There - When two employees realize they have perfect attendance records, it establishes a rivalry in which each tries to get the other to miss a day first.

The Conversation - In the spirit of Ingmar Bergman comes this 148 minute conversation between two undergrads about where they're going to get the money for her abortion.

The Hustler - Before the internet, before VHS, before cable, print was king.  And for one high school boy in 1977 middle America, a glossy magazine was the greatest possession in the universe, one that would turn his fortunes around.

The Manchurian Candidate - What happens when a man declares his intentions to run for president in the far corner of a totalitarian country?

Heaven Can Wait - All of Heaven Goodwin's friends have gone all the way with their boyfriends.  Now her classmates are taking bets on when she will.

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington - An alien crashlands on Earth.  With a bad case of amnesia, he asks us to take him to our leader.  When he finds he could do a better job himself, he does the logical thing and runs for president.

Rear Window - A precious six year-old turns her family's life upside down when, as a joke on a family road trip, she scribbles "Help!  I'm being kidnapped!" on the dirty rear window of their station wagon.

Jaws - An accidental overdose of nitrous oxide turns a mild-mannered dentist into an artist who decides to give his patients the teeth they deserve, not the ones they think they need.

JFK - A grafffiti artist tags his works Just For Kicks, but soon becomes a force for social change by reporting with art what journalists and politicians are afraid to say about the city he loves.

Rain Man - People stopped inviting Joe to their parties because, everytime he shows up, so does the rain.  But one day he meets a farmer with a daughter out of his league... and the most fortuitous arranged marriage is made.

Back to the Future - A progressive candidate challenges the political establishment that fought to move the country forward to the last century.

The China Syndrome - A mysterious virus quietly spreads throughout the globe, and no one can explain why women suddenly become infertile after the birth of only their first child.

Doctor Zhivago - Am uncompromising speech therapist never gives up until his patients can pass the hardest test: saying his name.

The Piano - Seemingly doomed to live his life in a traveling freakshow, a man with a set of 88 gigantic teeth finds an appreciative audience when he learns to play Chopin on them.

The Wild Bunch - A babysitter is tested to her limits by the three brothers she has to watch for what will be the worst six hours of her life.

Midnight Express - An overnight messenger service discovers it must deliver the most important news to scientists before the sun comes up, or it will be the last morning on Earth.

North By Northwest - When Santa Claus strays off course on his way back to the North Pole, his crashlanding in the wilderness makes him the person who most needs to believe in Santa.

Oliver - Laurel and Hardy grew famous acting out a comically abusive relationship.  Audiences felt sorry for the skinny guy, but what kind of emotional toll did that take on the overweight bullied child who grew up to be an overweight bully onscreen?

The Quiet Man - An unassuming librarian secretly longs to pursue his passion and sees an opportunity when auditions for American Yodeler comes to town.

Rebel Without a Cause - With the Empire in ruins, an opportunistic Lando Calrissian realizes the Galaxy is his oyster.

The Truman Show - When time-travel is legalized by the Quantum Council in the 28th century, producers explore the idea of an "alternate-reality tv" show in which President Harry S. Truman loses WWII.

Almost Famous - A serial killer needs to commit just one more murder before he breaks the record and can reveal himself to the agencies who have been chasing him for years... but what if he gets caught first?

The Elephant Man - You can please some of the people some of the time, but you'd have to be a freak of nature to please even the most jaded porn fans all of the time, and there's only one man hung like nothing else in Africa.

Fiddler on the Roof - When a homeless street musician threatens to jump to his death, the white collar stock trader who ignored him on his way to work every day can't help but take notice who's outside his office window.

From Here To Eternity - A gifted mathematician's close encounter with extraterrestrials gives him the ability to see the most impossible of concepts: infinity.

Giant - A leprechaun finds a way to grant himself just one wish.  And what do you think a leprechaun would wish for if he already had a pot of gold?

The Third Man - When gay marriage becomes legal in all 50 states, a conservative gay couple finds themselves becoming their own worst enemy when they fight for their right to marry another husband.

Aliens - Coming from the poorest parts of Mexico to find work, a pair of immigrant teenagers are blown away by the superior technology and startling customs they encounter as strangers in a strange land.

The Diary of Anne Frank - Annie Schwartz was tired of the oppression and wanted to tell the world what she was feeling.  She wanted to be frank, but she needed to stay hidden... so she started writing an anonymous blog about all the Nazis in her life.

Do the Right Thing - In order to get elected in a red state, sometimes you have to pretend to be something you're not, like the gay Jewish liberal who needed to get the city council to let his buddies have a little pride parade right up the middle of Middle America.

Full Metal Jacket - The coolest guys in 1985 had wild hair, ripped blue jeans, and -best of all- a studded leather jacket!  But when Billy looses his at a Motley Crue concert, he'll go to the ends of Hollywood to get it back.

Funny Girl - No matter what she does, everyone remembers child star Melody Vandervoort from her hit movies in the '90s.  After years of being a Debbie Downer, now she's going to go to extremes to shake that image and her moneymakers too.

Hamlet - A writer looking for a quiet place to work buys a small farm to begin his masterpiece but soon finds there are more distractions than when he was in the big city.

Places in the Heart - When a piece of shrapnel hits the President right in the chest, a team of surgeons is miniaturized and sent to repair the sites of injury before the world's worst vice president can be sworn in.

The Princess Bride - There's never been a royal wedding between two women before, but why oh why did she have to fall in love with a commoner?!

Shine - A mysterious shoe-shine gives advice that changes the lives of his well-to-do clientelle in unexpected ways.

Witness - When two missionaries are invited into an unassuming home by a seemingly ordinary couple, they witness more than just missionary positions.

Babe - The fat nerdy girl creates a formula that turns her into the most desirable woman at her high school reunion, but what she sells them isn't that formula but rather one that tastes as sweet as revenge.

Blue Velvet - In the secret world where the practicioners of erotic asphyxiation congregate, a killer with a velvet sash takes things a little too far.

Coal Miner's Daughter - When an entire shift of miners is trapped after a cave-in, the rescue crew pools their faith and limited resources behind the 9 year-old daughter who claims she has visions of how to reach her father.

The Crying Game - The rivalry beind the scenes of the competitive world of the daytime television awards is more viscious than the drama played out on-scene by the most cut-throat actresses in the business!

Henry V - They thought he was gone for good at the end of Part IV, but when a group of teenagers reads a dark incantation as a joke, Henry will be back for the final chapter.

The Breakfast Club - Why is it assisted suicide is illegal when an all-you-can-eat pancake buffett is just a slower way of facilitating the same thing?

Inherit the Wind - After decades of a contentious relationship with his late meteorologist father, a son discovers he has the gift for forecasting as well when he figures out where and when tornados will strike.

Valley Girl - When the chief of her tribe is killed, the heir to the Viking crown must defend her tiny kingdom from barbarians who would rape and pillage their fertile land in the valley.

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